What Direction Will the Tanks be Pointing if Trump Refuses to Concede Power?

What Direction Will the Tanks be Pointing if Trump Refuses to Concede Power? September 24, 2020

Here’s a phrase you never want to see on the news ticker:



Unless, of course, we are watching an authoritarian broadcasting his intentions of a hostile takeover of a democracy.

Which got me to wondering … which way will the tanks be pointing when Trump tries to steal the election and won’t leave our White House?

Will the military and civil authorities do Trump’s bidding if he refuses to concede power? / Image by Rohit Verma from Pixabay

(When I was in army bootcamp at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina I served with a few recruits that were headed to tank driving school after boot camp. They were a great bunch of guys, which I sure don’t want to see aiming a tank gun at me or any other American.)

So, this is a legitimate question, given that no republican has resisted Trump’s whims to date. There’s also no reason to assume his enablers will be taking a trip to OZ to earn the medal of courage and prevent the nightmare of a civil war from unfolding. But let’s not imagine that scenario just yet.

I do think it is highly likely, though, that many lives will be lost in the pandemonium that is sure to arise if Trump loses and refuses to relinquish power. There are plenty of Trump supporters who have already been toting their weapons of mass destruction to protests. And if not the deployment of tanks, the military and other law enforcement agencies are going to have to pick an enemy. So, as to which way the guns will be pointing, or if it even escalates to such a level, will all depend on whether there are enough Americans who still want to live in a democracy, or crown a king.

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23 responses to “What Direction Will the Tanks be Pointing if Trump Refuses to Concede Power?”

  1. As a veteran, I am also scared of the thought the “commander in chief” issues an order after losing that power. Shoot to kill…..

    The sooner Trump is out of power, arrested, indicted, convicted and incarcerated and incontinent (probably already there TBH), the better.

  2. The one thing that comforts me is that the military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

  3. Veteran myself. But not of any serious conflict. I served from 86-90. But I have to wonder what real, dedicated service men and woman would do if a person like Trump tries to gave them such an immoral order. Because there are some dedicated young folk out there who I think would follow their moral compass.

    I wish I could say I had better confidence in the justice system. I hope, for whatever wrongs he may have done that he is treated as harshly as other Americans might be. But the rich and powerful get a way with a lot of mischief. I want nothing more or less for him, just justice.

  4. Also veteran, work in a place where military folks also work. Am regularly appalled at the misogyny, racism, and other right-wing “values” that come out of the mouth of some of the military people.

  5. I have high confidence that the U.S. military will recognize an unlawful order and not follow it.

  6. I don’t think the founding fathers could have ever imagined a president as indecent and diabolical as Trump. So, perhaps that’s the upside to Trumps presidency. He’s showing us where all the holes need to be plugged by hopefully, the democrats in the coming years.

  7. When I was in (late 1980s – early 1990s), there were a lot of non-Christian, non-Republican cohorts. What I’m seeing now are an awful lot of deplorables and a minority of thoughtful, open-minded people. Hoping it’s just the MOS.

  8. Make no mistake, the tanks will be pointed at anyone who isn’t in the MAGA cult. Political purges will happen early in Trump’s second term. Democrats, journalists, anyone who opposed Trump will be rounded up and sent to a gulag.

  9. A part of me wants to say, “That could never happen in America.” My smarter half says it could.

    But what I believe is that if Trump and the GOP steal the election, they will awaken to massive protests, which Trumps would say are, “The likes of which you’ve never seen.”

  10. If you have to cheat to win you are a loser…
    Donald is the biggest loser in our history…
    And those who choose to follow him are losers…
    This is the evangelicals last attempt at taking over
    the country and being the best at what they are best at:
    Being cruel and mean and uncaring about anyone but
    Themselves…Sadistic and cruel! That’s Gods way…
    What a great God…doesn’t it make you want to run out
    and join? (Snark)

  11. I think this is probably the last chance for evangelicals to have their say. Religion is on the decline in the US, and if the dems do take over they are going to rapidly move things back in the direction of a more secular and liberal society.

  12. Pentagon officials repeatedly assert that they will not be involved in the transfer of power in January.

    It may well not be soldiers confronting the people, but Police and agents from other agencies, such as those used to snatch people off the street in Portland and Chicago.

    What I’ve learned about protest and free speech in this country is that the guns of officialdom are always facing leftward.

  13. “What I’ve learned about protest and free speech in this country is that the guns of officialdom are always facing leftward.” I like your analogy, true in many respects and very troubling.

  14. There will be violence regardless of who wins the election. If Trump loses, he will unleash his minions to avenge his fragile little soul, and if he wins they will feel empowered to wreak havoc on Americans who oppose them, especially those they feel superior to.

  15. Seems like there’s a James Bond movie out the called “Licensed to Kill.” Let’s hope not, but Trump has sure been sending the signal that violence is okay, like with the 17 year old vigilante that was recently charged with killing two people.

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