My Predictions for the 2020 Elections. What’s Yours?

My Predictions for the 2020 Elections. What’s Yours? October 30, 2020

Individual Races

The elections this Tuesday will be the most important in my lifetime. Here are my predictions about how I think they will turn out. Some predictions I’d be willing to bet on. Others reflect changes I hope will transpire. Share yours in the comments.

What are your predictions for the 2020 elections? / Image by nvodicka from Pixabay

Biden and Harris will win. Trump and Pence will lose — big time. A month ago, I anticipated there would be a lot of civil unrest the week following the elections. While I expect a lot of people will be taking to the streets, I am no longer expecting much violence. The record-breaking early turnout of voters, plus Biden’s strong numbers in the polls, indicates to me that he and Harris will share a decisive win. Despite all the actions involving Trump and the GOP to discredit our elections, Biden’s win will be significant enough that there will be little they can do to steal it.

I also think Biden will serve only one turn, then pass the torch to Harris in 2024. She will be reelected, thus making her the first female president, and likely pick another female as her vice presidential running mate.

Democrats will maintain control of the House of Representatives. They will also win the Senate by flipping at least 4-6 seats. Mitch McConnell will likely retain his seat and twiddle his thumbs for the next six years. Or he’ll retire during his tenure. Lindsey Graham will lose his bid for reelection. Although, I admit I have my fingers crossed on this one, and I’m hopeful that Jaime Harrison will win this race.

Policy and Legislative changes

I don’t think the affordable care act will be struck down by the Supreme Court. If it is, the democrats will fight to have it reinstated. Or they will build on the AFC to create a better healthcare plan for Americans.

I also don’t think the Supreme Court will be deciding the overall outcome of the election. Although, it may be called upon to weigh in on a few election snafus or recounts.
Once in power, the democrats will also increase the number of associates on the Supreme Court from 9 to 11 justices.

In the coming years, democrats will also introduce and pass a number of new laws specifically designed to combat the potential for corruption and abuse of power within the executive branch. Examples? Individuals seeking election to the presidency or congress must show previous tax returns; or, restraints placed on the President’s ability to pardon; or, a massive revamping of our election system to combat GOP gerrymandering. To name just a few …

Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned.

Taxes on the wealthy and on corporations will be increased, and diverted to other areas to fund social reforms.

General predictions

People around the world may say what they want about the brashness of Americans. But if there is one motivating force that drives our fearlessness it is that we will defend the self-evident truths granted to us in the constitution. Specifically, “… that all men [and women] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Trump may have emboldened the white-supremacists, and all those who do not cherish these self-evident truths, but in doing so he has electrified the vast majority of Americans who embrace these core, compassionate values on how every citizen should be treated.

What America has become is a nation filled with diversity; representative of individuals from virtually every nationality and race and cultural background, which also adhere to a plethora of divergent religious and philosophical ideologies. To put it bluntly: It is a land of immigrants and will remain so. As such, it is in a progressive state of change, which like a runaway bulldozer will not be stopped.

This election, in the year 2020, will come to symbolize the year in which its people came to collectively understand the power of their voice and vote.

Lastly, I do not side with many in the liberal media who predict that the haters of equality and truth will wreak havoc in the coming years; that gun-brandishing white-supremacists will continue to intimidate those of color; or that QAnon and other conspiracy theorists will prevail in their assault on truth.

I am an optimist. I believe in the inherent goodness of Americans. I also believe most Americans share in the desire to adhere to the values exemplified in her constitution. So, I rather see the opposite transpiring. As Americans continue to stand up in the coming years for equality, justice, and the pursuit of truth they will in effect, silence those who have sought to topple these ideals.

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8 responses to “My Predictions for the 2020 Elections. What’s Yours?”

  1. Those truths are not granted to us. A self-evident truth GRANTED to us. That’s as silly as saying that rights are granted to us. Those truths didn’t start with the Constitution. They are in the Constitution because they were already recognized truths. It’s also true that our rights pre-dated the Constitution and are recognized, not granted, by it and government doesn’t have power to infringe them.

  2. Roe v Wade is seriously iffy regardless of who wins the presidency and senate. SCOTUS can justify overturning the decision because it’ll send the decision whether or not to prohibit abortion to the states. Red states will either de jure or de facto outlaw abortion, blue states will continue to allow it. So upper- and middle-class women will go to blue states for abortions, the only ones adversely affected will be poor women.

  3. I almost agree … Like you, I think these are commonsense, ideals that predate the constitution. I think the writer’s incorporated them as ideals worth striving to achieve in the newly formed US. But these are also rights and ideals that have yet to be achieved; yet to be “officially” granted.

  4. I would hope this to be the worst case scenario. I’d like to see SCOTUS uphold it, because I think abortion needs to be lifted up as a universal right that should be permitted in every state. You bring up and interesting observation though, in that we are beginning to witness divisions emerging between what people would call “red” or “blue” states. In a way, these divides have always existed since the civil war. I think of the “Bible belt” as an example. But in some of the rhetoric coming from Trump and his administration, we are also seeing the federal government government start to play favorites with “red” states.

    The other interesting connection you make is that the poor will suffer, in part I think, because they live in poorer, conservative red states.

  5. I think Trump will win. There will be too much nonsense with the mail-in ballots to call a winner, and it will go to the Supreme Court, who will declare Trump the winner.

    I also predict that no matter who wins, half the country will(with good reason tbh) refuse to accept the results as legitimate.

  6. The elections are going to be interesting that’s for sure. I happen to trust mail in voting. I first did it when I was overseas in the army back in 1986. I also trust our election processes like in person voting. I will except the results even if Trump wins, as long as all the states follow the guidelines they have in place.

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