This Wannabe Royal Family Is Ruining My Chi

This Wannabe Royal Family Is Ruining My Chi October 15, 2020

Sure enough, unlike the photoshopped photos I’ve seen involving Biden, the screen capture in this post showing the first family seated at the presidential debate without masks isn’t doctored.

I’m confident that the American people will pull together and do the right thing. / Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay

Now, I don’t like to toss out red meat. I have no desire to bash either Trump or his family. It pays well to do so on television and earns a lot of hits on social media sites, but I’m not the kind of person who enjoys kicking people when they are down. Although I could write a post a day about all the political bullshit that’s being hurled at us, I’ve been really mindful about writing posts with more substance and relevance.

In fact, just last week, I even swore to myself that I would not type a particular word until the elections had past which began with the letter T and fell on rump. (You probably noticed this spells out a fitting euphemism for an ass.)

You see, this is the trouble with writing and talking about Trump: he makes it too easy. He brings out the worst in us. He’s a cash-cow for comedians and a muse for satirists. Plus, he thrives on any mention of himself, regardless of how offensive it is. As with any petulant child, I’d rather not feed his insecurities with attention. Nor do I want to fire up the dopamine rush in the brains of his base, or ruin my day thinking about him.

But then along came Don Jr., Eric, Tiffany, Ivanka, and Melania Trump in the first presidential debate, which really wreaked havoc on my chi. You can see them here in the screen capture, seated in the front row, proudly exhaling their carbon dioxide and potential COVID-19 particles, defiantly acting out a symbolic show of irresponsibility.

The first family seated without wearing masks at the presidential debate. Photo via screen capture.

This prompted Chris Wallace of FOX to issue a scathing rebuke later to his fellow broadcasters in this video, and demand that Trump’s senior campaign advisor Steve Cortes explain the first family’s arrogance by answering this question:

“Do they [the Trump family] think that the health and safety rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to them?”

If you want to get your heart palpitating, watch this video to see Mr. Cortes’ squirm to excuse their behavior for almost 7 minutes. You won’t hear a straight answer, but we already know the answer …

“Yes, the Trump family already thinks they are royalty, and they don’t have to adhere to the rules and laws like all the rest of us serfs.” Opinion mine.

America: Meet your new royal family

Are you’ all ready for this?

Aside from Trump’s base, who seem eager to crown him ruler and pay homage to the members of his royal court, the vast majority of Americans will simply not stand for – THIS. Especially if our democracy is stolen in the coming weeks. Which Trump has pretty much been advertising he is going to do for the last month on television. The GOP have been supporting him every step of the way. They started waving their white flags surrendering our democracy about a week after Trump took office.

As a writer, I simply can’t find the words to describe how 244 years of our democracy, founded upon the most noble and lofty ideals in history, and solidified with the blood of over 4 million American soldiers, could be so easily capitulated by the likes of a Trump. This is not an opinion based on my personal feelings towards the man. (I happen to have empathy and pity him, because he seems to be the most intellectually tortured soul I’ve ever seen.) So, this is just me, racking my brains, trying to understand how a corrupt, hollow shell representation of humanity has come to epitomize my beloved country.

This is a visual that you really want to fully paint in detail for yourself: Think about what America means to you, and then imagine it being taken from you, by a person with the quality in character of a person like Trump.

Is there any informed person in their right mind who will let this stand without protest?

I shall conclude on the upbeat …

I predict that Trump is going to lose big-time in the coming election in hyperbolic terms even he would appreciate. His loss will be the greatest of any incumbent running for reelection in history. He will become infamous for becoming the biggest loser EVER.

As for the level of chaos that might arise, which Trump has been inciting for several months now with shouts-out to his gun-wielding militias, this will all have to be delicately contained by the powerful patriots in Washington and elsewhere who are in positions of leadership. We should expect little to no help from republicans, many of which have been silently assisting Trump in our transition from democracy into an authoritarian regime for the past four years.

I have complete confidence in the American people to do the right thing. When the dust settles and Biden is confirmed to become the 46th president of the United States, we can expect the military, law-enforcement, and all the other institutions of our great land to fully support the will of the people. Whatever skirmishes have flared up due to the civil unrest caused by Trump’s most ardent followers will be squelched. In the months that follow, normalcy will begin to return. And a renewed appreciation for the values and ideals that America was founded upon will be rekindled, because we will have experienced just how quickly it can be destroyed.

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7 responses to “This Wannabe Royal Family Is Ruining My Chi”

  1. I agree with most of the above, but not, I’m afraid, with that sentence in parentheses. Empathy and pity for Trump? No thanks. He’s not down yet, and no-one in the U.S. will be safe until he finally is. Besides, no-one deserves empathy or pity less, and to be intellectually tortured you first must have an intellect.
    Rather, I’m remembering a medieval ballad called “May Colven.” It’s about a young woman who elopes with a handsome charming knight, taking her gold and jewels and her father’s best horse, only to find that he intends to kill and rob her, the latest in a series of victims. Being resourceful, she tricks him and pushes him into the sea instead, whereupon he yells for help or he’ll drown.
    Most understandably, she tells him nothing doing.
    “No help you’ll have, you false cruel knight/No help nor pity thee/Seven young maidens you drowned here?/But the eighth shall not be me.”

  2. There’s a saying, “Hurt people hurt people”. It’s not a secret that the Trump family going back generations was the opposite of nurturing and produced Trump, who then inflicted it on the next generation of his own family, and really, anyone unlucky enough to cross his path (including small family companies he hired but didn’t pay, teenaged girls in beauty contests that he walked in on while changing, etc.)

    Many Trump supporters have been clear that they also enjoy hurting others: the not-tribe are fair game for abuse and worse. You see this reflected in the meme of a woman sobbing that sure, she voted for the Leopards-Eating-People’s-Faces campaign, but she never in a million years thought the leopard would eat *her* face.

    As for the Trump family believing they’re royalty…why wouldn’t they? Before Donald squandered the fortune his father left him, his whole life he was surrounded by yes-men fawning over him, and his children were raised to believe they were equally special.

  3. What a lovely tale! 🙂 You bring up a good point and a dark side about human nature that many just don’t want to think about it. I look at it this way. There’s an “ideal” way of thinking and a “realistic” way of thinking. When I say I have empathy for Trump, I say so because I think he was born with some severe intellectual and emotional handicaps. That’s where the pity comes in. And then there’s the way of thinking about him you mention. Ultimately, he chose to become the person he’s become, and Americans are not only suffering, but they are dying as a consequence. Like any dictator in a third world country, people have a moral responsibility to do what they can to replace leaders that would better serve the people. So, there’s no room for empathy in the sense of toleration. We must vote him out.

  4. These last 4 years have been an eye opener. One of the things that’s been exposed to us is about 30% of Americans value who his is and what he stand for. So, it’s realistic to make some basic assumptions about them. Being honest is probably not on their list of virtues. They value his lies and deception. It’s undeniable that he’s a racist, and much of his base feels the same way. And while I wouldn’t say that 30% of his loyalists are violent, it’s clear that many of them are and would have no problem hurting others. At this point in time, I guess quite a few of his followers are more like him then we’d like to believe.

    Trump, his family, and so many others are the products are systemic white privilege. What boggles the mind is that many of his followers think him the messiah for the unprivileged.

  5. we can expect the military, law-enforcement, and all the other institutions of our great land to fully support the will of the people.

    One thing that gives me solace is that the military oath does not say their role is to protect the government but rather to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”. I have confidence that the military will stand by their oath.

  6. Interesting and well thought out I couldn’t help but reflect on what you said and agree he is challenged intellectually but also seems to be experiencing other cognitive issues of advanced age. That coupled with his horrendous “upbringing” and the values his father instilled in him and this is the product we deal with daily.

  7. The challenge with Trump and the grip he has on the GOP is the damage it’s causing to our country. It’s what we are “dealing” with everyday as you put it. On the one hand, you want to feel sorry for the guy, but it’s tough when so much of what he says and does is to deliberately harm people.

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