The Evolution of Creation

The Evolution of Creation November 20, 2020

For this weekend I’d like to share a poem I wrote about the evolution of possibilities. You may also enjoy the short video I created for it, which expresses the poem through photography and music.

Enjoy …


There is no beginning or ending to anything that exists.

What exists is energy immortal
Atomic universes of time and space
Shape-shifting into familiar and unknown forms through the illusion of time.

These atoms are the builders of worlds and galaxies
of heavens and oceans
of molten lava and frosted summits.
These are the creators of substance
who cracked the seed-code of life.
They bathe the earth with bounty.
They form the shells and intelligence of all that creeps
all that paws the earth with claw and fang
all that sails the winds on wings
all that swims the seas.

These seed-codes formed humanity
the evolution of possibilities.
For mankind is the most evolved species.
A being comprised of the dormant skills of lesser species
and the potentialities of matter and energy unexplored.
But while he is here today
he will be gone tomorrow
having been redefined through successive generations of change
into a being yet unimaginable.

Our earth is a rock in the known universe
Existing as other forms before its evolution into a planet.
The stabilization of the earth’s elements and energy
brought forth simple life forms.
These life forms evolved into more complex life forms.
From deep below the earth’s crust
to the oceans, streams and lakes
to the abundance of plant and animal life that dwells on the earth’s surface,
species burst forth into spontaneous life and
just as spontaneously become extinct.

Behold the wonders of our uncreated universe!
Matter and energy eternal
flowing like molecules of water
into what is familiar and yet unknown
randomly shape-shifting into magnificent or
seemingly insignificant variations of existence tomorrow.

Behold the wonders of uncreated humanity!
The evolution of possibilities
The possibilities of evolution
Defined today in a chunk of time
Tomorrow redefined
As the potentiality of matter and energy unexplored.

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