The Terror-Stricken Proud Boys

The Terror-Stricken Proud Boys December 17, 2020

Last week I’d heard about the Proud Boys burning a Black Lives Matter flag. Since I didn’t want to get my blood boiling, I didn’t watch the video until this evening. Yep. Watching this incitement to violence did not warm my heart.

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And tonight I checked out this video posted by Now This News. The description of the video states explicitly:

“This reporter spent a day with the Proud Boys so you never have to.”

I could stomach only 52 seconds. How far will you get? 

What a hate-filled, nationalistic, violent, Islamophobic, transphobic, i.e. “everythingaphobic” group of “boys” this group represents. Unfortunately, although they call themselves boys, they are grown men. And these grown men carry big guns unlike children playing cops and robbers.

They also think God’s got their back

They also pray to the Lord for guidance as the second video shows. Apparently, they missed the memo from Jesus when he told his own disciples that not so many weapons might be needed.

You’ll find this interesting biblical reference in Luke 22:38, when during a particularly violent time in Christ’s ministry his disciples thought their emerging movement might necessitate the use swords. So, Jesus’ disciples came to him one day and said: “Look, Lord, here are two swords.” And Jesus told them “that will be enough.”

Seriously though, this is a violent hate group no person should give the time of day to, except to combat its influence whenever possible. I hope law enforcement steps up to the plate and holds them accountable if and when they cross the line. No person in America should tolerate this kind of a movement, much less give their rhetoric a platform on social media to spread their ills.

The Proud Boys may proclaim they fight for freedom and democracy. They may feel the need to brandish weapons in order to puff themselves up with pride and send fellow citizens scampering in panic. But it’s really the members themselves who are filled with unconquerable fears and imaginary terrors.

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Scott Stahlecker is a former minister and now writes for Thinkadelics about the joys and benefits of living as a freethinker. He is the author of several books, as well as the previous owner of several hospice agencies. You can read more about the author here.

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10 responses to “The Terror-Stricken Proud Boys”

  1. In the dog world, sometimes you have “fear biters”; dogs that are so terrified of everything that they are a bite risk to humans–even humans who just want to help them.

    I work with someone who was raised in the deep south and is absolutely terrified by everything (particularly people who are not white southerners), but she’s not aggressive.

    Not so long ago I was thinking about that when I came across something online about the differences between the conservative brain and the liberal brain. The conservative brain is more fearful and the conservative personality craves a strongman over them to feel safe.

    The Proud Boys might be conservatives who combine entitlement and fear (and a tacit go-ahead from this administration to act like that). My co-worker is as liberal as she can be given her upbringing. The only person she makes suffer is herself.

  2. Nicely put and this is an interesting observation. “The conservative brain is more fearful and the conservative personality craves a strongman over them to feel safe.”

    It’s like … how the bully on the playground is probably the most insecure and fearful.

  3. Another factor is the entitlement of a subset young white men. I guess they would be the male equivalent of the stereotypical “Karen” whose call is, “Let me speak to your manager”. The male equivalent is positive they’re due extreme deference and privilege in society just because of who they are, and they become enraged if they feel they are receiving disrespect or any sort of pushback on their perceived rights. These are not the hard-working, introspective types who are always seeking to educate and better themselves.

  4. I think our culture is set up for people to think they are entitled in many areas. You mention white males, but both whites and non-white males may feel the are entitled too. Money, power, education, and born into privilege would be others. The entitlement that bugs me the most are religious forms of entitlement.

  5. These miscreants would already have law enforcement all over them if they were not white.

    Cops and Trump have been very willing to attack BLM protesters, but somehow the white-right gets a pass. OMG! Is this what is meant by “white privilege”?

    Well, it has to stop, because these misfits are a threat to the peace and safety of the nation.

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