#162021 and the Scramble to Unfollow Trump

#162021 and the Scramble to Unfollow Trump January 7, 2021

While supporters of Trump’s claims that the elections had been stolen stormed the Capital Building, I heard my first indication that people were trying to “unfollow” Trump. This occurred when someone told me that members of Antifa had been instructed to dress like Trump supporters to incite the violence we all witnessed yesterday.

What took place on #162021 will forever be associated with Trumpism / Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

This is an obvious conspiracy theory that even some GOP members are spreading, and I can understand why an avid Trump supporter would want to believe it. Because they don’t want to be associated as an anarchist. They don’t want to be remembered as one of “those” people who supported the overthrow of our democracy in the winter of 2021.

This is, after all, what history will record all die-hard Trump supporters to be.

What’s the best way for them to avoid such a stigma? Well, all’s they have to do is convince themselves that the people who wreaked havoc yesterday weren’t really Trump supporters; they were merely people who were impersonating Trump supporters.

“You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right.” Philip Crosby, American writer

In other words, it’s a healing mechanism. It’s a way for them to begin the process of coping with denial. It lays out a path for them to free their minds of their zealotry towards Trump, as well as convince others that they would never tolerate the overthrow of a democracy.

So, in light of what happened on #162021, we are going to be watching many republicans trying desperately to “unfollow” themselves from Trump. And we should let them. Encourage them. And support them in their efforts.

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Scott Stahlecker is a former minister and now writes for Thinkadelics about the joys and benefits of living as a freethinker. You can read more about the author here.

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10 responses to “#162021 and the Scramble to Unfollow Trump”

  1. On the news right now is a story of a local man who was out trying to burn it all down…while wearing the picture-and-name badge of the small company he works for. That’s just a special kind of stupidity…or entitlement. The man was identified and fired from his job.

    I’m sure the man is not identifying his own actions as the cause of his now-suffering–can you get unemployment if you’re fired for insurrection? I would guess not.

    Another example of entitlement is the news clip of the woman who got pepper-sprayed and is indignant about it–all she was doing was REVOLUTION, how dare someone pepper-spray her? She will also not identify her actions as the cause of her now-suffering.

  2. It’s astounding to me how many people are mentally stuck in early childhood. I keep learning that lesson, but I’m finding it hard to comprehend. I spent hours and hours yesterday in a waiting room while an elderly relative got care (not COVID, nothing to do with COVID) and therefore spent hours listening to people who were outraged that there were consequences to trying to overthrow the government and kidnap and execute federal employees.

    For example, the husband of the woman who was shot in the Capitol building while trying to destroy it is just outraged that she was killed and the word “tragedy” was bandied about. No, a tragedy would have been if she were peacefully washing her car in her own driveway or taking down her Christmas decorations and someone drove by and shot her. There was also outrage from the men who were fired from their companies for (respectively) wearing a company badge while trying to overthrow the gov’t, and wearing a company-logo shirt while trying to overthrow the gov’t). Let’s not forget the woman who was just outraged and appalled that she was maced…while trying to overthrow the gov’t.

    I agree that they were being egged-on by the president, but stop and consider…you’ve heard the same messages for the last 4 years, and YOU didn’t try to overthrow the gov’t. Think of society in general, which is usually orderly…because people understand there are consequences to their actions.

    Trump’s followers tend to be people who not only love seeing other people hurt, but also are stuck at the mental age of a toddler, raging because they can’t have cookies before dinner. Lashing out (it truly frightens me that some had zip ties and plans to kidnap and execute other human beings for the “crime” of thinking differently than they do).

  3. I’m sure you’ve been watching as more and more footage keeps coming in about the insurrection at the capital. It’s difficult to put in the words the amount of hatred and the level of violence Trump supporters had. It’s all completely unjustified.

    It’s also very sad and pathetic because of the sheer stupidity of it all. The election fraud conspiracy theory is easily disapproved. I’ve been wanting to give a lot of Trump’s diehard supporters the benefit of the doubt, but they seem to have no interest whatsoever in facts, or making any effort to find out the truth.

  4. Scott, I echo what you just said.
    I also spent the day at work arguing with idiots about what exactly the First Amendment means. There’s an excellent XKCD cartoon that explains it well. In short, the gov’t can’t prosecute you for speaking your mind (with certain exceptions including yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater). However, NOBODY is entitled to give you a platform from which to speak your mind. Apparently Fox News was exploring the “possible law-breaking” of companies not allowing people who violate their TOS to remain. It’s not breaking the law at all, but you can’t tell some people that.

  5. One of the reasons that I wrote this post, particularly the last paragraph, is because I have a family member that’s a huge conspiracy theorist. This particular person has taken worship of “the Donald“ to a cultist level like so many of Trump’s followers. For a lot of these followers freeing themselves from worshiping Trump will be about as difficult as freeing themselves from a real cult. Many of Trump’s followers are not violent, they’re just misinformed — which I suppose is putting it nicely. Many of them will have a reckoning in the coming years when they come to understand the full extent of what Trump has done. In the meantime, helping them through this process with some encouragement will go along way.

  6. Does every family have a member who’s a conspiracy theorist? I’m beginning to think so. That’s not to belittle your situation–this is a real problem. They filter reality through whatever lens they want and then believe the result.

    You may be aware that there’s a push to put the insurrectionists on a no-fly list, are you not? It may have already happened but I don’t know for sure. I think this is a wise idea; if someone’s shown themselves mentally unstable enough to try to take down a country just because they didn’t like the outcome of the election, who knows what other violent fantasies they’re harboring?

    Today at work, the usual suspects had it already translated into, “Some people asked for alcohol on a flight and now they’re BANNED FOR LIFE!”

  7. I was listening to some public radio yesterday. We were talking with the lady from another country, can’t remember where, but they were discussing all the people in that country who don’t want to take the vaccine.

    I think every every country there are citizens who don’t trust the government, who don’t trust science, and have nationalistic leanings. So we don’t just have people who don’t believe in science in America, they’re everywhere.

    I’m beginning to think that a lot of people lack rational thinking skills. They just don’t have the ability to logically work through all the information coming at them and make reasonable choices.

  8. A friend of mine who is Dutch says she will not take the vaccine. She’s a nurse. I can’t wrap my head around the cognitive dissonance that must be going on in her head.

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