This Will Be a Great Day for Democracy!

This Will Be a Great Day for Democracy! January 6, 2021

I’m waking up to great news this morning! Multiple sources like CNN are confirming that Warnock has defeated Loeffler in the Georgia state runoff elections. It is also looking like Ossoff will defeat Perdue as well. If these results stand, the democrats will regain control of the Senate, fortifying their power in Washington.

Waking up to great news this morning; that our constitution and democracy will stand for generations to come. / Photo by author.

I’m also confident that by the end of the day the certification of the presidential elections by the states will also be confirmed. This is as it should be, because the statutes require that the states certify the elections – and precisely for this very reason: so that the federal branch (i.e. those in power) can’t steal an election and thwart the people’s vote. So, whatever the GOP might be planning today matters little, because what will transpire on capitol hill today will be nothing more than a parliamentary shuffle.

This coup will be defeated.

These are all great victories. Not in the sense that one side wins and another loses. Not in the sense that a greater percentage of Americans have politically slaughtered a minority of their fellow citizens such as two opposing teams representing rival countries.

No. This is a win-win for all Americans.

But the real victor is our Constitution. Over the course of the last four years this charter has withstood multiple assaults on its integrity. Those who have sought to strip it of its noble ideals for the sake of personal and political gain have failed. Our constitution – and the democracy founded upon its ideals – will stand to protect the rights of our children for generations to come.

This will be a great day for democracy!

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Scott Stahlecker is a former minister and now writes for Thinkadelics about the joys and benefits of living as a freethinker. You can read more about the author here.

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7 responses to “This Will Be a Great Day for Democracy!”

  1. Agreed, this is a win-win for all Americans. Over the past 30 years, it seems that there’s only one party of adults who are working for all Americans, and one party of petulant, malicious toddlers (like the guy in charge now).

  2. I used to be a Republican along long time ago, because I liked there ideas about tax. But as I got older and a little more experienced in life I came to respect the Democrats more, because they seem to care a lot more about people. I view the traditional republican party these days as a party for corporations in the wealthy. The Democrats now more than ever stand in stark contrast, especially given the last four years I’m trying to prevent our democracy from drifting into an autocracy.

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