96 Posts and Counting!

96 Posts and Counting! March 16, 2021

I started Thinkadelics back in August 2020. Since then, I’ve written approximately 75,000 words in those 96 posts, which is as much as a decent-sized book. During this period, Thinkadelics has had 10,000 visitors and 25,000 page views from people all around the world.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who regularly visit and read my posts, and those of you who have taken the time to comment. I really appreciate your interest and thoughts.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking a short vacation until mid April. I hope to see you back when I return.


Time for me to hit the road for a few weeks! / Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay
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Scott Stahlecker is a former minister and now writes for Thinkadelics about the joys and benefits of living as a freethinker. You can read more about the author here.

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  1. That’s a LOT of words! a LOT of INTERESTING words! I enjoy reading your posts….have a great vacay!

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