What’s to Blame for the Situation in Afghanistan? Religion

What’s to Blame for the Situation in Afghanistan? Religion August 18, 2021

Some are blaming President Biden for the humanitarian blunder we see unfolding this week, and he’ll certainly receive no sympathy from me. After all, if Americans can spend billions of dollars occupying a foreign country for 20 years under the guise that it was in our national interest, then the Commander in Chief certainly could have waited to withdraw all our troops until all the Afghans who helped us with said interests received safe passage.

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BTW, WTF are our national interests?

Stabilizing regions in order that oil continues to flow? Rescuing people from their way of life and invading their countries in order to convince them our way of life is better? And does our superior way of life also include cutting and running when we fail?

Either way, President Biden will likely never escape how this link will be forever linked to his legacy. (This video shows in graphic detail terrified Afghans clinging to a departing military transport plane, some of which moments later fell to their death.)

And this according to VICE: QAnon and other conspiracy theorists have already jumped into the blame game. Surprise! The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is a hoax. QAnon’s logic? The hoax is being perpetuated to distract Americans from the election audit in Arizona.

Other than this conspiracy being sheer absurdity, it reveals the role self-interest plays in controlling the rationale of QAnon disciples. Because claiming that all the video footage involving the unfolding events in Afghanistan are staged is similar to claiming the video footage of Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin walking on the moon was staged. It’s pathetic. It reveals the kind of narcissist thoughts that run through the mind of a person who thinks everything in life revolves around them, along with the paranoid delusion that everyone is out to get them.

As for how citizens in other countries might be thinking about America or Americans in general these days because of our failures in Afghanistan . . . well, at least Americans are trying to build a better world. Historically speaking, Americans have spent the most by way of our tax dollars, and our soldiers have shed the most blood to help others experience a better way of life.

(This is not to say that other countries and its people have not sacrificed. Only that if people are keeping score Americans have probably sacrificed the most in recent history. And any country that tries this hard to change the world is bound to fail at some point or another.

While nobody in the mass media really wants to talk about it, (because it’s politically incorrect to bring up the subject), the real reason the Taliban are seizing control of Afghanistan is because of religion. The Taliban are religious zealots. They are inspired by religious beliefs to act in ways that we can now all watch come to fruition on YouTube. So, whatever horrors they committed leading up to the events of this week, and whatever atrocities they will commit against their own people in the years to come is on them and their religion.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltare


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9 responses to “What’s to Blame for the Situation in Afghanistan? Religion”

  1. Who’s responsible for the situation in Afghanistan? All American voters by action, inaction, silence, and putting personal ideology ahead of the country. The situation was screwed up from the beginning and never got better. Getting involved was the biggest mistake and not getting out was the second biggest.

  2. The Afghan people, like many people living in this part of the world, share a worldview that is quite different from modern cultures. We are not going to change this worldview though invasion and occupation.

    What America should be doing is using our tax dollars towards helping our own citizens and making life better in America. Nations, like people, should lead by example. If we can help out our own people by raising their standards of living and wellbeing, then that’s far better than invading other countries and pouring money into their economies.

    But this is BS anyway. The truth is we invade some parts of the world due to our own national interests–which has more to do with economics rather than genuine compassion for the well-being of people living in other parts of the world.

  3. ” is similar to claiming the video footage of Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin walking on the moon was staged.”
    It was all staged. It was made in a studio built by Stanley Kubrick. This of course took a ton of money because the studio was built on the moon (;

  4. LOL!

    It reminds me of the story I heard that the Americans had developed a million dollar pen specifically for use in space. But with zero gravity and all the ink stopped flowing. The Russians came up with a better idea though for their space program. They simply use a pencil instead of a pen.

  5. We never should have gone into Afghanistan in the first place; the British and the Soviet Union both tried and failed. St. Ronnie Ray-gun funded the group that became the Taliban and called them “nice religious boys”. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld thought they would be able to wring the last erg of valuables. Trump set up the withdrawal and negotiated with the Taliban, not the Afghan gov’t, to get the US out by May of 2021, and then sabotaged the visa process to get our allies out.

    Leaving would always have been a disaster, no matter who was at the helm when it happened.

    And the media who LOVED St. Ronnie, Bush, and TFG can’t seem to get enough of criticizing Biden. Remember TFG, whose entire 4 years was spent in a long series of grifts, felonies, lies, and completely unsavoury and distasteful words and actions?

  6. You are expressing the sentiment of many Americans today. We are tired of the endless string of wars, and our politicians should be focusing on the wellbeing of our own citizens.

    I think you are spot on too about the sabotaged visa process. Many of the Afghans who worked for and assisted the US have been waiting years to get a visa. This is the primary reason why these Afghans may never make it out of the country.

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