Should Anti-vaxxers be Denied Preferential Treatment?

Should Anti-vaxxers be Denied Preferential Treatment? October 4, 2021

It’s a simple question. At a time when physicians are forced to administer preferential care, should anti-vaxxers seeking medical care be given the least amount of preferential treatment?

It’s a fair question too. Why should a person, who may die due to other medical reasons be denied care, because the hospital where he seeks treatment is filled with anti-vaxxers who didn’t care enough to get the vaccine?

A few facts

 “97% Of People Entering Hospitals For COVID-19 Are Unvaccinated.

Couple this with the fact that the death rate in the U.S. is still roughly 2000 per day. Meaning, 1940 of those deaths were unvaccinated individuals.

There is no known statistical data to gauge the number of individuals who were denied care and later died, because the hospitals in which they sought treatment did not have the beds or other medical resources that could have saved their lives. However, there is widespread reporting by hospitals stating that they have reached full capacity and have begun rationing care, as well as numerous accounts of people who have died as a result of being turned away from receiving medical care.

Being a champion of a person’s right to choose, I’m inclined to say yes. Anti-vaxxers who exercised their right to not get the vaccine should not get preferential treatment.

It’s a simple question. At a time when physicians are forced to administer preferential care, should anti-vaxxers seeking medical care be given the least amount of preferential treatment? / Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

They indicated by their refusal to get the vaccine that the did not value their own lives, nor did they consider the lives of others, since they may have spread COVID to others whom they had been in contact with.

(And to throw in a religious twist . . . many anti-vaxxers are anti-vaccine due to the influence of false religious beliefs or false information being spread within their respective religious communities.)

Having gotten that off my chest, I’ll be quick to mention that I’m not an insensitive beast. Of course, we can’t deny anti-vaxxers the right to medical treatment because the virus they thought was a hoax is now poised to take their lives.

But this does not change the fact that:

  • anti-vaxxers are overwhelming medical facilities across the U.S. and the world
  • medical panels are being set up that are in fact rationing care
  • people will die or needlessly suffer as a consequence of rationalized care
  • many medical professionals are suffering from compassion fatigue
  • millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to treat anti-vaxxers who refused to get a simple, cheap, vaccine.

Your thoughts?

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14 responses to “Should Anti-vaxxers be Denied Preferential Treatment?”

  1. Care is rationed. Ever spend time fighting with your insurance company so they will cover some aspect of your healthcare?

    IMO, we need to save the ICU beds and the ER room for people who are not selfish jerks. I’ve read a bunch of news about people who had heart attacks or other health problems that required care and couldn’t get it because the hospitals are overwhelmed with immature, idiotic jerks who refuse vaccination. They should go to the back of the line.

  2. “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it and decrease the surplus population.” –Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

    In this case I would agree with Scrooge. There is a safe, effective means of preventing infection from Covid. Plus less than 1% of vaccinated Covid victims die of the disease, so those vaccinated suffer a less severe form of the disease.

    Or to put it in even harsher terms, sometimes the trash takes itself out.

  3. There’s a lot of stories like that about people loosing their lives because there are no beds or equipment. But there’s a bigger picture too. My wife’s a nurse. If I’m not mistaken the hospital where she works at is still not performing even elective surgeries. People aren’t able to get important surgeries they need because of COVID patients. Just recently a lot of hospitals also had to fire hospital staff that refused to get the vaccine. So, there are huge shortages of staff right now at the time they are needed the most.

  4. Just recently, my elderly mother came down with pneumonia and they denied her a hospital bed because they were too full of COVID patients. I had to hire a lawyer to get her admitted for treatment.

    I am completely fed up with the idiots who refuse the vax, get sick, and run to clog up the hospital seeking life-saving treatments.

  5. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Let them go to the back of the line, and if someone else needs their spot, move them to the back of the line again.

    But especially the leaders, the celebrities, the outspoken antivaxxers. I’d rather treat someone’s hangnail than them. They wished to put the lives of others in jeopardy? Let them sacrifice their own.

  6. You’re comment made me think about all the “primo” care the many anti-vaxxing politicians get the minute they know they are sick.

    The repercussions for anti-vaxxers are already getting severe. Many are losing their jobs. Traveling restrictions are starting to come into play. Etc. Things may get bad enough that they will have to issue vaccine passports, which I’m all for. As long as anti-vaxxers keep putting other people at risk certain measures will need to be taken to protect the public.

  7. A friend of mine has fallen down the pesthole into Covid denial, and it’s just astounding. She’s a nurse in another country, and she just sent me a link to a Youtube video in a bunch of languages where people insist the Covid shot (which one? They never say) killed them. It’s crazy-town.

    Then she asked me if I’d gotten my flu shot this year. She’s all in favor of them.

    The crazy. I can’t even.

  8. I heard a physician tell a sad story last week about a person, who while actively dying was denying that she was dying of COVID. We know that there is a point when anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers render themselves incapable of objective thinking. But your story and mine tells us that pride and arrogance play a strong role too. Even while dying or just being flat out wrong, these folks can’t admit to being wrong.

  9. So, I just heard from the husband of my friend; their country won’t let them do anything or go anywhere without proof of the vax, so they got their first (of 2) shots today. HOORAY! My friend the nurse is FURIOUS…that she can’t infect others? She works in a nursing home, for pete’s sake.

    They weren’t like this before Facebook.

  10. Well there you have it. Done and settled. The worst thing that can happen to your friend now is that she and her husband will stay healthy and they get to participate in society! And when she is finally able to face the facts she’ll recognize that she made a wise decision.

    Incidentally, I’m speaking vicariously through your experience. My son-in-law is a C.T. of the highest order. Bless his heart, but he’s been feeding my daughter nonsense for the past year. She finally got her second dose, and as I understand it he was pissed. Too bad. He doesn’t own her and I raised her to be smart. (You should also know that I could not have asked for a better son-in-law. He’s the best, but like all of us, he has his eccentricities!)

    I’m still holding my breath for when the mandates come down for the children to be vaccinated . . .

    Regarding Facebook, that platform is finally getting the attention it deserves for all the damage it is causing.

  11. So glad your daughter is vaxxed. How about your son? I hear Alaska’s going through an awful wave of COVID right now.

  12. Thanks. It takes a load off my mind knowing that she is. My son came down with COVID last week as well as his wife. I knew it was only a matter of time before they did. I didn’t expect them to do as well as they did given their heath issues. He said it was like having the flu but 10 times worse, plus some other issues like a really foggy brain. Looks like he’ll pull through.

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