I regularly participate in media of varying kinds, giving lectures, addresses, sermons, radio interviews, and the like. Below is a sample of some media I’ve had the privilege of doing.

1. My June 2014 appearance on FOX News. I was a guest on Huckabee, speaking with him in-studio in New York City about the state of religious liberty at my alma mater, Bowdoin College.

2. My March 2014 chapel sermon for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: “Mephibosheth Comes to Dinner,” on 2 Samuel 9.

3. My April 2014 talk from Together for the Gospel 2014 entitled “The Pastor as Public Theologian in an Increasingly Hostile Public Square.” (Kind introduction by John Piper.)

4. My December 2013 appearance on The Hugh Hewitt Show
(listener base: 2 million).

Select media from other past events:

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