Missing a Whole Side of God? Redeeming the River Out Now!

Missing a Whole Side of God? Redeeming the River Out Now! October 5, 2021

We Have Abandoned the River

It can be argued that all humans simply desire to belong and to be at peace. This strong desire for incorporation has led to the rise of the modern evangelical church and its far-reaching movements all over the world. Our desire for peace, has become a desire of individuality at all costs. We, as a Christian Church, have become more and more willing to sacrifice entire groups of people to maintain our status quo, our peace. But something has been lost. Somewhere, we as a corporate body lost the full revelation of God.

In this loss, we have exchanged love for morality, concern for political high ground and our neighbor for ourselves. In this way, we are now in direct opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Quite frankly, we have let go of everything natural in the gospel and begun to cling to literalism and moralism. We have abandoned the Natural Revelation of God, seeking to dissect the Special Revelation and groom it so that it meets our desires on our terms. In our desire for literal biblical interpretation, we have abandoned the entire general revelation of God that unfolds before us in nature. Simply, we have abandoned the river.

Consequences to Abandoning General Revelation

The consequences of turning a blind eye to what is plainly revealed to us in the natural world has handicapped our spirituality and relationship with God. We have become so reliant on proof texting the Bible that in many ways we have become worshippers of the Bible, removing Jesus Christ entirely. Removing Natural Theology has turned the church of Christ into Biblicists, rarely following the example of Christ, and never looking into His creation for answers. This is a dangerous faith with blood on its hands.

A Silenced Theology

The Natural Revelation of God, once revered by the early Christians has been dismissed as nature worship, witchcraft and in some cases Satanism. The Celtic way of faith has long been treated by the Roman Church and the Reformed faiths as a false faith. But this is simply not true. The Celts, both ancient and modern hold the firm belief of the following statement, “If you wish to understand the creator, first understand his creation.” In this way, the Celts search for the answers they are looking for towards spiritual completion in both nature and scripture. They wish to do so through comprehending God through God’s first medium- nature.

In the book now on sale at Amazon, I seek to give the reader a historical, biblical, and natural understanding of the revelation of God. The Celts speak to us from a silenced theology that reveals God through the world we observe every day.  I hope to help others understand that nature was the first Bible. The river, God’s first Book of Revelation and the tree, God’s first Gospel. God spoke through nature long before the bible was compiled. We must bring back Natural Theology into its rightful place. Natural Theology must be salvaged. We must Redeem the River.

Fascinated with Death Instead of Life

We have become a psychotic society fascinated with death. Because of this, as a church, we terrified of the river the mystics swim in. The river’s depth, unseen as the fullness of God, terrifies those who cling to cherry picked verses and Sunday sermons. We must challenge ourselves to stare into the murky darkness of the river and seek God there. As St Brendan the Navigator we must be willing to “Live beyond regret” and let God “recreate our lives.” The time has come to “journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown.”. If we are bold enough to dive into the river and reclaim our natural revelation of God, we then will be able to restore a true Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Let us Redeem the River, and in doing so redeem ourselves.

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