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Dynamic Outside Source November 30, 2023

Woman in Kitchen with Blender
Dynamic Outside Source/Yaroslav Shuraev/Pixabay.com

Here I am standing on a new precipice. How in the world will I ever get down?

It’s crowded here. I watch the fluid movement of each person adorning their talents and wonder why some are more dynamic than others.

Observe Without Notice

I crouch behind a table so I can watch without being noticed and discover a blender. I am fascinated by its beauty and become intrigued by what it can do. As I study it, I realize it is so much more than just a mere blender. It can chop, dice, puree, liquefy, pulse, whip, blend and even crush ice. It even has a detachable blade that fixes to an immersible handle for making soups! Excited about its potential, I want to experience it for myself. I press a button…nothing. I press another…still nothing. I remove the pitcher from the cradle and turn it over in my hands again and again…I find nothing. I search the cradle hoping to discover the culprit and come up empty.

This is a spectacular machine. It has every function a person could ever want in a blender. I mean, the creator of this machine was in his right mind crafting this fine piece of art to be functional as well as beautiful. So, why was it not working?


Then I realized, it’s not plugged in. So, this beautiful machine that I have now come to desire as my own, that I wanted more than anything to experience its wonder was nothing more than a pile of plastic and metal if not given power by a dynamic outside source!

The light bulb went off in my head. Realization flicked my forehead with her middle finger and thumb.  Self-Aware curled her fingers into a fist and knocked on my forehead, “Hello McFly.”

Isn’t that exactly how we operate? God has made us uniquely, incredibly, intriguing human beings. He crafted us in every single detail of our existence. We are perfect in Him, created to be dynamic!

If we do not give the Holy Spirit freedom to generate power in us, then we fall flat. Without this dynamic outside source, we are nothing but piles of proud flesh. The fruit of the spirit cannot prevail in us if we do not have the power of the Holy Spirit. No Human abilities or talents can do the eternal works of God without His power!

Holy Spirit

We may be great speakers. Have talent oozing from our pores. Write incredible manuscripts. Even create masterpieces beyond imagination. But without allowing the Holy Spirit the freedom to work in us, these gifts have no value. Because through our gifts and talents, He makes our messages dynamic with His power.

Once again, I am standing here on this new precipice. Come Holy Spirit, Come! I want to experience Your power in me.

About Faith E. Richardson
Faith E. Richardson was born in Traverse City, Michigan. She lived there nine short years before moving with her mom to Fort Worth, Texas where she would remain for another eighteen years. After meeting Trent, the love of her life, they married and moved to Colorado where they raised their two children. Currently retired from decades of human resource work, Faith renewed her passion for writing. Her life experiences and dramatic flair for storytelling draw the reader in with thought-provoking material on the wonder and truth of spiritual encounters. It's her desire to get her readers as excited about the Holy Spirit as she is. You can read more about the author here.
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