You Get To Choose Who Sits At Your Table

You Get To Choose Who Sits At Your Table February 10, 2024

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The Next Right Thing. Pixaby

The Next Right Thing

If Fear, Doubt, and Pride are my biggest enemies, why do I keep them so close to my side? If they are nothing but liars, why do I listen to them? Why do I feel comfortable with these three conniving manipulators at the banqueting table?

How could I possibly enjoy my meal knowing that in just a few moments, Anger, Resentment, and Turmoil would be joining us? If this is my choice to not allow them to be present in my life, if it’s that easy to say no and turn from them; walk away, then why has it taken me this long to do so?

I need Your Help, Lord

Lord, I despise this way of living. I do not wish to remain in this prison built by Shame and Desperation. Such a construction company is of no value in my life. This prison’s foundation, built out of such a poisonous material, creates a disastrous destruction of destitution and despair in my soul. The only thing that remains when its destruction is complete is a sidewalk of guilt and depression that only leads to yet another prison sector.

I understand I am captured in this prison with its many walls and rooms. But only by my own doing. You, in all Your glory, have come from heaven as a man and sacrificed Your life for mine. You have already broken the locks of my prison doors and set me free.

Why can I not see that I am free? I have remained behind this door with the lock crushed in pieces on the floor and the chains dangling free from its bars like long silky brunette locks of hair blowing in the wind. Why do I stay?

Look Straight Into The SON

Lord, I pray that the next time I am face to face with Fear, Doubt, and Pride, I have the strength and stamina to sprint to Your castle, fling the gates open wide, throw my hands in the air, face upward toward the SON, circle in wonderment, and welcome Joy, Love, and Peace into the inner courts.

I long to live the life I was created for and be the woman God intended me to be. Lord, help me to seek, learn, and embrace Self-Awareness. I want Clarity and Confidence as my companions to guide me into the courageous leader to whom You have called me.

First, give me understanding for my gifts and talents. To form a passion for this perfect platform to peacefully portray the very character of my Lord and Savior.

Help me shout from the rooftop of Your castle that You are bigger than Fear, Doubt, and Pride. That You are better than the worldly possession twins, Wealth and Health.

I want to seek, honor, and obey only You. I wish to listen with an open heart and clear mind.

I desire the truth.

I want to:

See the truth.

Hear the truth.

Speak the truth.

Sit in the truth.

So, when I make a mistake, and I know I will.  I hope to be quick to forgive myself and others so that I can start again.

Lastly, when I am persecuted, falsely accused, or manipulated into believing a lie, I want to keep my head up, stay in the company of Joy, Love, and Peace, return to God’s Word, keep my eyes on the cross, and with everything in me—do the next right thing.


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