December 13, 2021

I’ve appeared on the History Valley YouTube channel with Jacob Berman interviewing me about the Resurrection and the Nativity, the link of which I will share with you. I am also interviewing Jim Majors tomorrow about the Nativity: It’ll be a live stream interview so you can ask questions live, though it will be early: 8 am Central, 2 pm GMT. Come join the fun. In the meantime, check out the interview I just gave Dave Fletcher of the Reasonable Doubts... Read more

December 9, 2021

I have had another interview with Derek Lambert of MythVision in the series where we are working through my book The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK]. This latest episode (8) concentrated on the conflict between Paul, who believed in a two-body spiritual resurrection thesis, as opposed to the Gospels, who argue against Paul for a re-animated corpse resurrection. Of course, Paul’s claims from 1 Corinthians and elsewhere explain why he doesn’t mention an empty tomb anywhere –... Read more

December 8, 2021

Somebody recently shared with me a piece from The Catholic Thing titled “Appropriating the Christmas Appropriators” and I would like to take issue with some a lot of the claims. Here are a few: “Cultural appropriation” is just one of the grave injustices recently discovered by the “woke” culture. It is – according to authoritative sources – the inappropriate adoption of elements of a minority culture by members of a dominant culture. Most of mainstream culture has already taken Christ out... Read more

December 7, 2021

I am putting the finishing touches on my new book 30 Arguments Against the Existence of “God”, Divine Design, Heaven, Hell, and Satan. I have really enjoyed writing it and hope my beta readers (who have seen it in different layers of finishedness) have enjoyed it too. But what really pleases me is that Dan Barker, author of the brilliant book Godless, and veteran of over 130 public debates, has written and provided the foreword to the book. Dan is a... Read more

December 4, 2021

…it’s all about commercialism. Specifically, buying my books. Especially the one on the Nativity. Please help to support my work! I have written a number of books over the last few years. Here they are listed with links to Amazon; below you will find more detail: Why I Am Atheist and Not a Theist: How to Do Knowledge, Meaning, and Morality in a Godless World The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story The Little Book of Unholy Questions... Read more

December 4, 2021

I really enjoyed this interview. We touched a lot of bases here, starting off with the lack of secularism in education in the UK before talking internationally about the Freedom of Thought Report 2021, which reports on the experience and persecution of the nonreligious internationally. Gary McLelland was great to talk to and this was an edifying and interesting experience.   Stay in touch! Like A Tippling Philosopher on Facebook: A Tippling Philosopher Please support by sharing or donating, or... Read more

December 3, 2021

This review has just come in from Dr DJ Nicholls, who recently provided his own deconversion account to my growing series. The book he reviewed, in line with that account, is an anthology of deconversion accounts (Beyond an Absence of Faith [UK]) that I think you should all rush out and purchase… Review of  Beyond an Absence of Faith,  edited by Jonathan M. S. Pearce and Tristan Vick.5/5 I purchased this book as I have read a number of books by... Read more

December 3, 2021

In short, yes, I think so. But these theories are interesting and are far more probable than the Christian thesis in explaining the data (the Gospel and Pauline accounts). “Swoon Theory” comes from “swooning”, meaning to fall unconscious, and several of these theories contest that Jesus actually died on the cross, claiming he was taken down and subsequently revived. Author Edward Dodge has written a piece to expound his own theory and here we talk about it in an interview:... Read more

December 2, 2021

Here is another account in my series of real-life deconversion stories. They are often painful, psychological affairs, as you can see from the various accounts. Thank you to Kirk M. here who has provided this very personal and difficult account. Please consider contributing your own, if you so desire. Please also check out my book of deconversion accounts, edited with Tristan Vick, which can be bought from here (UK), or by clicking on the book cover. The previous accounts can be found... Read more

December 2, 2021

This is from the American Humanists Association: Today, the American Humanist Association (AHA) is announcing the appointment of Nadya Dutchin as the organization’s new Executive Director. After evaluating many outstanding candidates for the role, the Executive Director Search Committee and the AHA Board of Directors chose Dutchin, an experienced nonprofit leader and humanist, based in the DC/Baltimore area. “We are proud that a leader of Nadya’s caliber has chosen to come to the AHA and we are delighted to welcome... Read more

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