Romney vs Obama – “Wake The F**k Up” says Samuel L. Jackson. Awesome.

Romney vs Obama – “Wake The F**k Up” says Samuel L. Jackson. Awesome. October 3, 2012

So the election in the US looms. And voter apathy is a dangerous thing when the consequences are so high. What to do about it? Well obviously get Samuel L. Jackson to poetical swear at members of an apathetic family! It works. Hell, I’m voting Obama and I don’t even live there or have the right! Well, it may have to be in the poll booth in my head, but it all helps…

This really is a very cool video.



For those of you who don’t know, this video is based on the picture book which Jackson narrated called “Go The Fuck To Sleep”. I have twins who can drive one to sleep deprived madness. It is genius.


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  • JohnM

    Kinda shameless with all the swearing. But otherwise, thumbs up.

    I’ll take Obama over Romney any day of the week, even though Obama is a lot of talk, without the walk.

    Btw, it reminds me of

    I tend to link that, when I debate atheist who argue, that the lack of evidence for God ( lack – according to themselves ) is proof of Gods non-exsistance :P

    • The swearing must be seen in the context of what inspired the video (the second video there) which is of a picture book written in frustration of a father’s lack of sleeping child.

      • JohnM

        Yeah ok, and Samuel L. Jackson usually have a big mouth hehe.

        Anyway, were you surprised by me not supporting Romney? Took me for a red neck republican, didn’t you? :p

        • Not at all. I have learnt never to assume – it makes an ASS out of U and ME…!

          I think with Democrats in the Us being pretty much centrist by European standards, it does not surprise me.

  • Russ

    Jonathan, you said, “Hell, I’m voting Obama and I don’t even live there or have the right!”

    That’s unfortunate since the choice of President in the US can have such an adverse affects the world over, including the UK. How many UK soldiers have been killed in the Middle East as a result of a US President pursuing concocted objectives in Iraq? Is it a couple hundred, now? Another died yesterday, I think I read.

    US voters have a huge responsibility to the rest of the world, but rather than taking it seriously, they spend fifty hours a week feeding their minds a steady diet of the likes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, and sports.