Today’s Hitchslap…

Today’s Hitchslap… November 7, 2013

And while we’re on You Tube…


Oh, and while you’re at it, go to 2 minutes into this:


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  • ThePrussian

    I love that clip from FOX, but the one on Jerry Falwell’s death is even better. :-)

  • labreuer

    1. I don’t get why Hitchens thinks that Yahweh existing would mean that in every moment you’d be controlled and supervised (first video, 1m10s). Surely he knows that not all sects of all religions hold this? His argument is tantamount to saying that we should never play with fire because you might get burnt.

    2. Hitchens says we have had enough of people who think they know what God wants (first video, 4m16s), but in that same video he seems to think he knows how God would act if he existed. There seems to be a bit of hypocrisy, here.

    3. The description of the Russian Orthodox Church—”always stayed with Stalin” (second video, 2m05s)—is deeply deceptive. In The Orthodox Church, Timothy Ware describes the systematic tearing apart of the ROC by the communists, and a subsequent reshaping of it to serve their purposes. Blaming anything on the ROC in communist Russia is tantamount to blaming things on the RCC in fascist Germany from 1933-1945. Hitler manipulated every single institution toward his purposes, and Stalin did likewise—at least with the ROC.