The Nativity tomorrow night at Southampton University

The Nativity tomorrow night at Southampton University December 1, 2013

Be there, or be square.

Jonathan Pearce: The Nativity
Southampton Atheist Society

Hi all,

This Monday, 2nd December, local skeptic and author Jonathan Pearce will be giving a talk entitled The Nativity: A Critical Examination, based on a book of his of the same name, followed by a Q&A. Jonathan has given talks to us before, and I think gives a particularly good Q&A, so come along and bring a friend!

It’ll be in the regular room (Nuffield Theatre LT/B) at 7pm, and we will, of course, be in the pub afterwards.

Also don’t forget that this Sunday, 1st December, we’re having brunch at Wild Lime, Portswood at 1130.

Hope to see you on Sunday and Monday,

Alfie – Secretary

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