More Pearced Off

More Pearced Off September 8, 2014

I, as you may well know, contribute to the Skepticule podcast by recording a counter-apologetics segment for them, Pearced Off. My segment is always followed by an interesting discussion of ideas brought up by the ‘panel’ of Pauls. The facebook page can be found here for extra

Here are the latest offerings, with the times at which I speak:

Skepticule 75 – Causality – Have I ever killed anybody?  – Reprise 52.20

Skepticule 76 – Moral appraisal of the Pope 50.20

Skepticule 77 – Can religion be destroyed? 43.20

Skepticule 78 – Why was Jesus’ tomb not venerated? 58.50


These follow on from my previous ones:

Skepticule 65 – Criticism of Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism Pt 1.  47.09

Skepticule 66 –  – Criticism of Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism Pt 2.  48.00

Skepticule 67 – Vegetarianism vs veganism. 52.30

Skepticule 68 – Unholy Questions 1.  58.10

Skepticule 69 – Unholy Questions 2.  56.08

Skepticule 71 – Vegetarianism revisited – counter-counterpoints to previous episode on this topic.  1.03.40

Skepticule 73 – Abstract ideas. 58.50

Skepticule 74– Causality – Have I ever killed anybody? 53.45

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