Australia bottom of the climate pile

Australia bottom of the climate pile December 9, 2014

As the BBC reports:

Australia was the worst performing industrial country in terms of climate change in 2014, a new report has said.

The report by two non-government organisations said the poor ranking was due in part to policy changes made by the current coalition government.

The Climate Change Performance Index ranks emissions and climate policies of the 58 highest CO2 emitters worldwide.

It ranked Denmark as the best performing nation, followed by Sweden and the UK.

Saudi Arabia ranked last on the index.

Carbon tax scrapped

The report was published by Germanwatch and CAN Europe.

It said Australia’s conservative government had kept its election promises to reverse a number of climate policies.

“As a result, the country lost a further 21 positions in the policy evaluation compared with last year (2013), thus replacing Canada as the worst performing industrial country.”

Since it took office in 2013, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government has scrapped a tax on carbon and wants to halve the country’s legislated renewable energy target.

It has yet to secure enough votes in the senate to cut the target, which has created uncertainty for renewable energy investors.

The Climate Change Performance Index is compiled with the help of about 300 energy and international climate experts and reviews each country’s national and international policies with respect to their efforts to avoid climate change.

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  • epicurus

    I live in Canada. Whoo hooo! We’re no longer the worst! The Canadian media likes to talk about how Canadians feel the environment is the most important issue. But I like how one newspaper columnist called them on it, saying, yes we would all say we care about the environment, as we drive our huge Suv’s or pickup trucks carrying only one person to work from our suburban monster homes, sipping our coffees in disposable cups which were made in a tassimo machine which uses disposable plastic containers of coffee beans that are thrown away after each cup.

    • Canada is weird like Australia. Really weird. They feel like they would and should be really green but they end up bucking the expectation massively. That’s politics for you!

      You PM is a tool. And Tony Abbott is a tool. They should get together.

  • epicurus

    Probably more than you care to know about Canadian politics, but here is an interesting point that I bet most people around the world don’t know, and the canadian media, while they used to bring it up before the canadian pm came to power, they don’t since he’s been in. It’s kind of become verboten to report. But It has to play a role in his great love of Israel. He is an evangelical protestant christian. He was a member of an alliance chuch (similar to Baptist) in Calgary – might still be, except he lives in Ottawa now, so probably goes somewhere there. Part of that denominations’s theology, like the majority of Fundy right wing protestants, is the view that the Jews and Israel still factor into the end times – they still have a role to play and part of that is the rebuilding of the temple and Israel’s rebirth in the modern age.
    About a year ago, a news show had a panel discussion, I can’t remember exactly, but the gist of it was they were trying to figure out why Canada’s foreign policy had taken such a huge shift and become so pro Israel. The PM had given a speech, I think in Israel, saying how Canada would stand by Israel to the end and would always be an ally, etc. The panel was thinking, well maybe he’s trying to sway the Jewish vote in Canada or something. But as I watched I smiled to myself, because of course no one could or would bring up the issue of the PM’s fundamentalist/evangelical/right wing xian belief/background being a possible cause.
    At the same time he is shrewd enough to pick his battles. He shut down an abortion debate to try to criminalize it, angering many in the party. I’ve read that his philosophy is not to do anything too radical as Canadians usually vote liberal, but he want’s Canadians to see the conservative party as stable so in future they will be more open to voting conservative rather than liberal by default. (The liberals had a scandal about a decade ago that got the current conservatives in, but the liberals were in such disarray, they’ve never gotten their game together yet, meaning the conservatives kept winning elections)