The Star of Bethlehem: Lecture by Aaron Adair at Merrimack College

The Star of Bethlehem: Lecture by Aaron Adair at Merrimack College December 15, 2015

I was lucky enough to edit Aaron Adair’s superb book The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View which looks at the claims within the Gospel of Matthew concerning the Star of Bethlehem. Over the many hundreds of years, various people have advanced theories to explain the apparent phenomenon, to triple conjunctions of planets and stars to comets, from hypernovae to UFOs. Yes, UFOs. Aaron has started getting on the speaking circuit to talk about his favoured subject, and may even be compiling a book looking into the Bible and astronomy.9780956694867- Font Cover 2 Official

Check this fascinating talk by Aaron, and please go and buy his excellent book (also available from the sidebar>>>>) which Richard Carrier claimed was the “go to book” on the subject. If Amazon say it is out of stock, it isn’t, as it is held in virtual stock, and it’s A

mazon being annoying – you can also buy from their marketplace sellers, Barnes & Noble and anywhere else.

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