Missouri senate passes controversial religious liberty bill after 39-hour filibuster

Missouri senate passes controversial religious liberty bill after 39-hour filibuster March 10, 2016

To introduce this, the New York Daily News reports:

A filibuster by a group of Democratic lawmakers in the Missouri state senate ended Wednesday after nearly 40 hours of non-stop debate.

The senators, from the St. Louis and Kansas City areas, tried to stall a vote on a bill calling for a referendum on whether religious organizations and business owners can deny service for gay couples’ weddings. Republicans voted to end the filibuster and gave the proposal preliminary approval, 23-9, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

The Guardian reports on a religious liberty resolution in Missouri that would allow people to refuse working with same-sex couples:

Democrats assailed the amendment as hate masquerading as religious tolerance. Republicans took turns donning a “Beetlejuice”-style jacket on the senate floor. And both sides were invited to a midnight cupcake party.

But after more than 39 hours, the longest filibuster in recent Missouri history over a religious liberty bill came to an end on Wednesday morning….

The amendment is similar to religious liberty proposals in several other states that give wedding vendors and other similar businesses the option to refuse service if they can cite religious opposition to same-sex marriage.

LGBT advocacy groups have condemned the proposed amendment, comparing it to similar legislation in Kentucky and Indiana.

Chappelle-Nadal called the amendment “filled with hate” and cloaked in a “smokescreen of religion”.

Missouri Republicans framed the resolution not as an assault against the LGBT community, but rather a measure of protection for those whose religious views would prevent them from working with same-sex married couples.

The whole thing even involved Chappelle-Nadal speaking for a total of 13 hours! I get the sense that US states are chipping away basic liberal rights across the country, creating a country that is insidiously moving to the right.ATP

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