Quote of the Day (not in a good way) – GoodScienceFYou

Quote of the Day (not in a good way) – GoodScienceFYou March 14, 2016

Today there was an …interesting comment by GoodScienceFYou, who appears to be a Jehovah’s Witness. It was, unsurprisingly, about blood transfusions. JWs are against them, and so seeing the post hoc rationalisation of such is …interesting.

Here is what he had to say. I will start with a preamble comment, followed by the pertinent one:

I have a tested IQ higher than 99,968% of the living humans at the time of the test. That is not my fault and it is not really a blessing to be this smart in a world of lazy and stupid people.

All the test did was to confirm what every body around me knows. I have been called genius by every employer I have ever had. I learn faster than anyone else on any subject and I get to the bottom of the subject fast.

I am skilled in so many physical and mental abilities that others cannot comprehend. I had a good education as well, My science teachers did not believe in anything either without evidence. and when I asked them for evidence they did not come up with bullshit. They realized there was no evidence for the theory of evolution and just said: “It is just a theory”. I don’t ever allow anyone to get away with bullshit.

Okay, so that is literally one of the funniest, and yet most arrogant quotes I have ever read here. But this is the claim I want to look at:

Pay attention. I am a life long scientist. I know most everything that you, obviously, have no clue about.

All of the recent studies on using blood bank blood shows that it is EXACTLY LIKE THIS:

1/ Take a 5 shot revolver.

2/ Put four bullets in it.

3/ Spin the cylinder.

4/ Put it up against the temple of your head.

5/ Pull the trigger.

This is identical to taking blood transfusions.

4 out of 5 people die from the blood. The only cause of death is the blood.

Is that clear enough. There is so much poison in human blood now that any sane doctor knows this. The side effects of taking blood is horrible. Long Long treatments just to stay alive from the poisons in the blood. Massive cases of pneumonia killing them from infections, many diseases are carried in blood. There are over 34 infections contained in blood.

There are now Military Doctors training in how to treat soldiers with multiple injuries with NO blood because blood is PROVEN so dangerous.

I just cannot belief how stupid you are. All this evidence is found in medical journals today. Yet you are some emotional basket case, so much so that you would KILL you own child by giving them poison blood.

This is my reply (in different colour due to blockquotes already being involved):

Holy cow, for someone who claims such massive intelligence, rather arrogantly, you make some amazingly unintelligent claims.

“All of the recent studies on using blood bank blood shows that it is EXACTLY LIKE THIS:

1/ Take a 5 shot revolver.

2/ Put four bullets in it.

3/ Spin the cylinder.

4/ Put it up against the temple of your head.

5/ Pull the trigger.

This is identical to taking blood transfusions.

4 out of 5 people die from the blood. The only cause of death is the blood.”

This is a big claim. 80% of blood transfusion recipients die, and the only cause of death is blood. This is interesting. Let’s do a little research.

Firstly, all people who have blood transfusions die. So breaking out causality is the important thing. Worth noting that people who have blood transfusions have them for reasons. The things you need to really know are:

1) does a blood transfusion decrease mortality (and pain etc) from what would otherwise be the case from their underlying problem?
2) Is the mortality rate from those patients after BT factoring in variables, most importantly, whether the underlying problems are in some way responsible for their deaths.

Are the figures that you merely assert taking into account worldwide differences in the quality and access to bloods, as well as quality of pertinent operations?

The WHO page is worth looking at here:

In 2011, 3 million blood transfusions took place in the US. I take it you are claiming 80-% of those will die as a direct result (you gave no time frame associated with your claim?

Now, of course there are complications. But you must show that the complications outweigh the pros. Part of the problem is that JWs don’t take into account the most recent safety stats for BTs. I even saw reference to a document from JWs to 1973!!

In short, before I spend too much time laying this all out, an intelligent scientist, as you so clearly are (!), would defend assertions with epistemic warrant, which would include, you know, quality evidence.

You might want to look at this:


of the 79 fatality reports (which exclude all successful and unproblematic transfusions), 16% were definitely ruled out, 41% they couldn’t work out what was responsible and 43% were agreed to be BT related/caused.

And that is of those reported to be BT caused to the FDA!!!!

The hilarity of your 80% claim is so chronic that I cannot contain m,yself. Here is the FDA:

As previously mentioned in the annual summary of fatalities reported to the FDA in Fiscal Years (FY) 2005 through FY2010, the blood supply is safer today than at any time in history. Due to advances in donor screening, improved testing, automated data systems, and changes in transfusion medicine practices, the risks associated with blood transfusion continue to decrease. Overall, the number of transfusion related fatalities reported to the FDA remains small in comparison to the total number of transfusions. In 2008, for example, there were approximately 24 million blood components transfused.1 During the proximate period of FY2008, there were 54 reported transfusion related and potentially2 transfusion related fatalities, with subsequent reports of 66 in FY2009, 64 in FY2010, and 58 in FY2011.

CBER is distributing this summary of transfusion fatality reports received by the FDA to make public the data received in FY2011, to provide the combined data received over the last five fiscal years, and to compare the FY2011 report to the fatality reports received in the previous four fiscal years.3 We also include information on the infrequent reports of post-donation fatalities. Throughout this report we note changes over time, but the reader should interpret these changes cautiously, given the small numbers of reports and inherent variations in reporting accuracy. The significance of shifts in numbers derived from small populations may appear to be greater than they really are.

80% of BTs?

This looks at the 79 reported cases out of 24 million BTs and finds even some of them incorrectly reported.

Back to my main post – I don’t think I need to elaborate on my points here because his claims, like the ones he makes against evolution, are based on such shoddy thinking that, as others have said, the Dunning-Kruger Effect springs to mind.

It’s so frustrating that these expositions of what look like Danth’s Law continue in this world of being able to, you know, research stuff quite easily.

I am also interested to see what he has to say of the literally millions of dead Americans who must be littering hospitals with their post operative doom death.


Thanks to McCorvus below for linking this to PZ Myers destroying him. He is a Spa Tub Engineer. That would be a scientist who has apparently read 41,000 science papers.

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