A Succinct Synopsis of the Nonsense of Easter

A Succinct Synopsis of the Nonsense of Easter March 28, 2016

Easter is the time for the christian church. Christmas is all lovely and present-y, but Easter is what it’s all really about. It is the climax of Jesus’ existence. But this is really what is going on:

JesusManGod sacrificed himself to himself to sit on his own right hand for an eternity in heaven to pay for the sins of a humanity that he designed, and for sins he designed into the system, knowing full well that they would come to pass in the way they came to pass. 

One also wonders why an OmniGod needs payment, requires such debts to be balanced because surely the perfect deity would not have needs or desires to show lacking, especially if those debts are of the god’s own designing.

I mean, we didn’t design ourselves! Such sinfulness requiring such payment is merely evidence of faulty design.

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