Quote of the Day – Sheila C.

Quote of the Day – Sheila C. March 28, 2016

This one came from Sheila C. on the Liberal vs Fundamentalist Religion thread:

I agree, and that’s why I never went for liberal religion. It sounds great — I would love some spirituality plus the freedom to follow my own conscience — but atheists and conservative religious people made the same good point: if there is a God, and he revealed anything, you have to follow what he said over your conscience and reason. And if you want to be a Christian, you have to accept that his revelation is in the Bible, and the Bible contains some bad stuff. You can’t get away from it; either you’re the authority or God is, and if you are, then you probably don’t really believe in God.

Now I think liberal religion is great, in practice — it gives religious people permission to act better than their holy books tell them to, while allowing them to maintain a connection to the things they like about religion: their community, traditions, etc. So I don’t argue against it, because it isn’t doing any harm. But I do think it’s the least intellectually justifiable thing you could believe.

Some great points.

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