Islamists call for Sharia law in Pakistan after Salman Taseer blasphemy row

Islamists call for Sharia law in Pakistan after Salman Taseer blasphemy row March 29, 2016

Oh dear. You would think that the bombing in Pakistan my lead to a public outrage against hardline Islamic stances. Not so, as the Independent reports:

Thousands of protesters have clashed with police in Islamabad in the second day of protests over blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Demonstrators gathered outside Parliament and other key buildings to demanding authorities implement Sharia, or Islamic law.

As many as 25,000 protesters occupied the high-security zone in Islamabad to press their demands, with some setting fire to cars. The army was deployed on Sunday to contain the rioters.

Demonstrators marched from the garrison town of Rawalpindi to Islamabad in protest at the execution of Mumtaz Qadri, who some hard-line Muslims consider a hero for murdering Punjab province governor Salman Taseer.

The death of Taseer was representative of an endemic problem in Pakistan – that secular politics has been seriously on the wane. He was a politician who spoke out against horrible blasphemy laws that have been utilised to sentence people to death for allegedly insulting Islam.

In recent weeks, Pakistan’s Islamist parties have been threatening widespread demonstrations to protest what they say is Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s pro-western stance.

Earlier this month, the prime minister officially recognised holidays celebrated by the country’s minority religious – the Hindu festival of Holi and the Christian Easter.

They have also denounced draft legislation in Punjab outlawing violence against women.

No, this doesn’t look good.

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