Jehovah’s Jihad: Christians Abhor the Qu’ran, Ignore Biblical Atrocities

Jehovah’s Jihad: Christians Abhor the Qu’ran, Ignore Biblical Atrocities April 5, 2016

This is a common problem. It can partly be evidenced with what some Dutch people did: dress up biblical verses as being from the Qu’ran, and then get the public’s opinion on those verses when primed with them being Islamic (as covered here by TYT):

In Robert Price’s new book, Blaming Jesus for Jehovah, Price states (p.55):

As I write, Americans (to say nothing of those closer to the events) are much concerned, much alarmed, at an advancing tide of savagery and barbarism perpetrated in the name of Islam. The Caliphate… considers it their religious duty to conquer the world in the name of Islamic jihadism. All must live under the strictures of Shariah law. For them, all’s fair in faith and war; thus, they commit mass crucifixions, beheadings, rapes, child murders, and sex-slave trading.

Yet the Christian holy scripture, the Bible, explicitly ascribes the very same moral crimes to God. Islamic Caliphate killers don’t even need the Koran. There are hundreds of passages in the Holy Bible which would be more than enough to inspire their horrors. These are strong words, I know.

There are countless examples of all of those terrible atrocities and activities spelled out in the Old Testament, the Law of which every jot and tittle is fulfilled in Jesus. There are plenty of places online that list these horrors; check them out.

Warning to Christians – don’t think your Bible is anywhere near being above reproach when compared to the moral crime that is the Qu’ran.

In fact, the Bible has been found to be twice as violent as the Qu’ran, in one recent study. As the Independent reported:

An analysis into whether the Quran is more violent than the Bible found killing and destruction occur more frequently in the Christian texts than the Islamic.

Investigating whether the Quran really is more violent than its Judeo-Christian counterparts, software engineer Tom Anderson processed the text of the Holy books to find which contained the most violence.

In a blog post, Mr Anderson explains: “The project was inspired by the ongoing public debate around whether or not terrorism connected with Islamic fundamentalism reflects something inherently and distinctly violent about Islam compared to other major religions.”

Using text analytics software he had developed, named Odin Text, he analysed both the New International Version of both the Old and New Testaments as well as an English-language version of the Quran from 1957….

Mr Anderson summarises: “Of the three texts, the content in the Old Testament appears to be the most violent.

“Killing and destruction are referenced slightly more often in the New Testament (2.8%) than in the Quran (2.1%), but the Old Testament clearly leads—more than twice that of the Quran—in mentions of destruction and killing (5.3%).”

Now, I would add some caveats to this that the styles of text are pretty different between the two/three books, but Christians should certainly be wary of casting their stones.

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