The Queen vs Robert Smith of the Cure. Robert Smith Wins.

The Queen vs Robert Smith of the Cure. Robert Smith Wins. April 21, 2016

Today I was witness to such an improbable event that it can only be described, by any sane and rational person, as a supernatural miracle.

It is the Queen’s birthday today. The longer I have been into philosophy, the less the monarchy has been a relevant and meaningful institution. I used to be a monarchist, out of mere tradition and without thinking about it. But in the years of questioning everything, it has become apparent that the monarchy is difficult to rationally uphold. In the end, I have not become republican or anti-monarchist, merely a bit “meh”. I am rationally republican, but in reality ambivalent. They seem to make financial sense… I think?

Anywho, I was listening to BBC 5Live on the way to an appointment. They went to their roving reporter at Windsor Castle who was interviewing the editor of Majesty magazine. Yes, it must exist. Well, they then started talking about what dress colour they thought the Queen would be wearing on her meet and greet walk.

I couldn’t have remotely given less of a shit.

So I searched in my glove box to find one of two CDs I have in the car just now. A James CD and an album by The Cure. I whacked on The Cure to be met by the iconic sound of “Killing an Arab” (a song homage to Albert Camus’ book L’Etranger).

I got home to go on to facebook and read a post from a friend who announced:

“Someone special has a birthday. 57 today!”

Thinking it would be paying respects to our monarch, my friend posted with it a picture of Robert Smith:

He’s my monarch!

Anyway, I was amazed to find out that he is 57 today. Amazed because I started thinking, during the dress talk on the radio, about the philosophical basis of the monarchy, discarded the idea and said to myself, “No, I’ll have The Cure instead!”

I replaced one birthday celebrant with another, utterly unbeknownst to me; the Queen with a republican; the Head of the Church of England with

If you check that video out, it turns out that Smith hates religion (I knew that) and is also a republican. “I fucking hate royalty…. Any kind of hereditary privilege is wrong. It’s not just anti-democracy, it’s just inherently wrong… If I ever accepted (I’m never gonna get one) [an honour from the monarchy, eg OBE] … I would honestly cut off my own hands before I’d get one. Because, how dare they presume that they could give ME an honour? They’ve never done anything. They’re fucking idiots! I should be king…or something.” Heh!

What a beautiful improbable coincidence in my car. There must be a god!

And she’s a republican atheist.

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