Guth, Aguirre and others in Fantastic New Cosmological Video

Guth, Aguirre and others in Fantastic New Cosmological Video July 2, 2016

Skydivephil, who, together with his wife, have made some astoundingly good, in depth video documentaries. They have gathered big names in cutting edge cosmology to great critical acclaim. I have interviewed them both here.

I am embedding the video below. Now, it does go into some serious cosmology and physics, so there is a big potential for going over a lot of heads. They have made a new early universe cosmology film interviewing Alan Guth, George Efsathtiou, Anthony Aguirre and Yasunori Nomura. The subject is eternal inflation, focusing on current and future observational tests as well as theoretical challenges. Many of William Lane Craig’s claims are directly contradicted by Guth. They try and make cutting edge science accessible to the educated layman whilst going into much more depth that the average TV documentary.

The meat of the ideas concerning William Lane Craig, such as with past eternal universes and the Big Bang starts around the middle.

WLC makes a number of claims that are contradicted in this video, which are, as far as I can work out:

  1. The BGV theorem implies the universe had a beginning, Guth says thats not correct, it only implies inflation had a beginning
  2. The universe cannot be past eternal: Guth explains why he favours models that are past eternal
  3. The problem of Boltzman brains implies the multiverse is disfavoured over single universe models under naturalism. Guth says Boltzman brains are a problem even for single universes and the multiverse is the solution
  4. The 2nd law of thermodynamics implies the universe cannot be past eternal. Guth (and also Penrose who has been widely quoted on this subject by theists) claims the solution to the mystery of why the entropy was so low at the big bang was that there was a before the big bang that put the entropy into a low stat
  5. Craig claims the work of Anthony Aguirre implies the universe must have had a beginning. Aguirre says he only claimed that a particular model knows as “the emergent universe” doesn’t work in creating an eternal past, but others models do!

Be sure to check out others. I particularly like the ones, which I have posted about before, that take William Lane Craig’s claims on animal suffering to pieces.


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