Some Quality Summer Reading

Some Quality Summer Reading July 18, 2016

Just before you set off on your summer holidays, please consider grabbing a copy of my first fictions book: Survival of the Fittest: Metamorphosis. It has received some high praise and I would love for it to get wider reach. Indeed, my latest review is another 5 star one:

Having read some of Pearce’s non-fiction work (which is exceedingly well done), I was unsure how he would make the transition to fiction, as they are very different kinds of writing. I needn’t have worried, though, as “Metamorphosis” was a great read that kept me page turning to see what awaited the characters around the next corner. Turns out, plenty.

In the vein of Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead,” Pearce sets us up to care about the people undergoing this horrible event, not sacrificing character development for cheap horror. I’m greatly looking forward to the follow-up!

And then fellow author ML Candelario recently concurred:

Moving from calamity to calamity, Pearce’s host of protagonists struggle to survive in a world that has become totally destroyed by a spreading viral infection. Normally, zombie stories are over-played and trite, but Pearce manages to keep this characters unique and individually interesting, and it is obvious that he put a lot of thought into the kinds of circumstances that might allow these individuals to become survivors. The scenes don’t feel “written” in the way that many novels often do–you never see the strokes of the painter, as it were. Instead, each scene progresses from the last in a way that makes sense and is consistent with the logic of a world-gone-mad. Without wanting to give too many spoilers, I can say that this book beautifully paints horror in the mundane moments, and Pearce mixes in plenty of philosophical and religious discussion without being too on-the-nose or overbearing.

In short, the book is well-crafted and should be enjoyable to anyone interested in horror, zombies, philosophy, or religion.

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