Come to my Talk on Free Will on Weds Night in High Wycombe

Come to my Talk on Free Will on Weds Night in High Wycombe July 25, 2016

I am giving a talk to High Wyvombe Skeptics in the Pub on Wednesday night, so please come along if you are in the area. Details are:

Wednesday at 20:00


Desborough Road, HP11 2PU High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Join High Wycombe Skeptics for this free talk! Cash bar available, everyone welcome!

Do we have free will, or are our ‘choices’ determined by our environment and past experience?

Author and educator, Jonathan M.S.Pearce offers an entertaining introduction to the debate, and explains how new developments in brain science have influenced philosophers.

We will also consider the impact of free will and determinism on Christianity’s concept of a judgmental God, and the implications for our justice system if we don’t have free will.

An entertaining introduction to the age-old philosophical debate on whether we have free will or whether we live predetermined lives.

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