My New Book on the Kalam Available on Ebook

My New Book on the Kalam Available on Ebook October 14, 2016

My new book is available on ebook (Amazon [US, UK etc.], Kobo and Nook) for your reading pleasure. Please check it out! It concerns the Kalam Cosmological Argument and is called: Did God Create the Universe from Nothing? Countering William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument.

ebook cover

The paperback version should be released in a few weeks. Please spread the word! The book features a foreword by Jeffrey Jay Lowder, and chapters by Dr. James East and Counter Apologist (still annoying that in this day and age, in the States, people have to write under pseudonyms when writing about atheism!).

Let me know if you have any questions. The contents are below:




Foreword… 1

PART ONE: The Background… 3

1.1 The History… 3

1.2 William Lane Craig… 4

PART TWO: The Argument… 7

2.1 The Form… 8

PART THREE: Premise 1… 17

3.1 Causality making it a circular argument… 17

3.2 Nominalism and “everything” being “the universe”… 23

3.3 Establishing a non-realist position… 31

3.4 The Kalam Cosmological Argument and Libertarian Free Will are incompatible…  39

3.5 Quantum physics… 46

PART FOUR: Premise 2… 53

4.1.1 Can the universe have existed infinitely into the past?… 53

4.1.2 Infinity Minus Infinity, by James East… 59

4.2 The premise as inductive… 66

4.3 Creation of the universe ex nihilo… 67

4.4 Scientific theories to explain the universe and everything… 72

4.5 The call for cosmological agnosticism… 83

4.6 Naturalism as a good bet… 86

PART FIVE: The Syllogism’s Conclusion… 89

5.1 Causality and time… 90

5.3 Intentionality and time… 94

5.4 The Argument of Non-God Objects… 98

5.5 Simultaneity as a temporal notion… 101

5.6 On time: Craig’s inconsistent appeals to science, by Counter Apologist…  102

PART SIX: Potential Objections… 125

6.1 The Form… 127

6.2 Premise 1… 128

6.3 Premise 2… 133

6.4 Such views on causality undercut scientific inquiry… 136

PART SEVEN: Conclusion… 141

NOTES… 143



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