Did God Create the Universe from Nothing?

Did God Create the Universe from Nothing? December 4, 2016

My latest book, Did God Create the Universe from Nothing, the philosophical critical evaluation of the Kalam Cosmological Argument, has finally filtered through the amazon.co.uk distribution channels. I would really appreciate anyone buying it (obviously) and spreading the word. Please support my work and thus allowing me to continue writing on such projects in any way you can.

The book is a readable and concisely written analysis on those short lines:

  • Everything that began to exist has a cause for its existence
  • The universe began to exist
  • Therefore, the universe has a cause for its existence

It is such a ubiquitous argument in the armoury of the Christian apologist that I have always felt it needed dealing with. I think the arguments and criticisms that I have made are terminal for the case of the Kalam.


(US link here)

EDIT – Gah, one sale and it lists as temporarily out of stock, which is impossible since the stock is virtual, as print on demand. This is wh6y Amazon suck.

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