“Outstanding Refutation of the Kalam Cosmological Argument”

“Outstanding Refutation of the Kalam Cosmological Argument” December 15, 2016

As many of you will know, I recently released a new book on the Kalam Cosmological Argument entitled Did God Create the Universe from Nothing? Countering William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument. I have just had the second review, both 5 stars, and this was equally glowing:

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William Lane Craig is considered one of the elite Christian apologists. He is obviously intelligent and erudite and is most well known for his use of the Kalam cosmological argument. In this book Jonathan MS Pearce takes it on and takes it down in an incredibly clear and accessible manner. Pearce has a real talent for communicating complex ideas in a very clear and concise manner for an intelligent general audience. I can honestly say I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve ever read by him.

Most of the text was written by Pearce but he includes several sections by other contributors, all of which are good but the one by someone who goes by Counter Apologist was exceptional.

If you want to know all about one of the most prominent arguments for the existence of God by an apologist and how it goes wrong, terribly wrong, then this is the book for you. It’s not long and tedious but it is comprehensive in just the right amount for an interested reader at about 160 pages. Very highly recommended!

Wow! High praise indeed, and good to see CA’s chapter really well received, too. Please grab yourself a Christmas gift!


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