I’m Getting there. Slowly.

I’m Getting there. Slowly. May 27, 2017

I have finally found some momentum with the sequel to my first fiction book, and the second in the Survival of the Fittest series. The first book was entitled Survival of the Fittest: Metamorphosis. This second one is Adaptation. As any of you who might have read the first, I try to thread ideas of philosophy throughout the text. It is a zombie apocalypse series, but not because that is a favoured genre of mine – I’m not bothered on that front (I like The Walking Dead and similar flicks, but just as any other viewer might, not obsessively). I chose that context because the breakdown of society is the best vehicles for discussing matters of God, morality, value systems and other such big questions.

The books follow the initial movements of disparate individuals who are dealing with the outbreak of a virus, and in the second book, they start coming together as their paths cross. With crossing paths we have clashes of ideas, which should give me plenty of scope for arguments and thrashing out worldviews.

I don’t, however, want these books to be preachy and saying “This person believes X, I believe X, so this person is right and I am going to make them appeal more to the reader.” I hope to be more nuanced than that.

I am presently 23,000 words into the sequel (the first book was about 100,000 words), and am gathering momentum. At last. I find writing nonfiction a cinch – it just writes itself as arguments in my head pour out onto the laptop screen. For fiction, I have to invent these ideas, scenes and characters from scratch, and make the timings and characters coherent, and this takes more time and effort. Hats off to the authors who knock out quality fiction at the same speed I could knock out nonfiction.

I will be under more time pressure next year as I presently work from home on writing projects and my publishing company two days a week, but will have to cut down to one day a week. So please, please help my work and projects by grabbing yourselves any or all of my books. Please. (Check the sidebar over there>>>>> – you might need to turn off adblockers).

If you have any ideas for philosophical ideas you would like seen in such a book, let me know!

Right, back to it.

Here is my well-received first book:


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