Quote of the Day: Jim Dailey on Love and Atheism

Quote of the Day: Jim Dailey on Love and Atheism July 24, 2017

I thought this might provoke a little conversation. it was Jim Dailey’s offering in response to Geoff Benson on the post “Will atheists admit that there is good reason to leave atheism and adopt Christianity?”.

Geoff started with:

I don’t think there’s any accommodation between science and faith, though if you define reason in a broader sense than you do science then it’s possible to argue there’s some level of reasoning can be applied within an already acquired faith.

You can’t reason into any religion, but you can certainly reason away from it.

To which Jim replied:

Well your post was provocative enough that I tried to find a better description of how I think it works.
Ever fallen in love?
It is not possible to love someone without making inquiries of them, speaking with them, knowing something about them.
But what would happen if you insisted on knowing all about them? That a condition of love was that you could predict their reaction in every single circumstance, under all conditions? Likely you would never end up walking down the aisle with them?
So love indeed demands reason, but on some level, as flawed, limited, imperfect humans with a limited life span, we necessarily have to surrender to love to have a chance at happiness.

Speaking of same, my wife is yelling at me about a beautiful day and chores (a whole series of, for me, contradictions that will never reconcile) so I have to go to ensure any chance I have at happiness.

What do you think?

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