Come to My Talk on Islam in Bristol Tonight

Come to My Talk on Islam in Bristol Tonight July 26, 2017

I/ am speaking to the Bristol Skeptic’s Society tonight. The venue is the UK’s only boutique magic theatre pub, Smoke and Mirrors. The facebook events page is here.


My talk is about Islam and violence, one that is pretty controversial but has been universally well-accepted whenever I have given it. Anywho, come along if you are local. Their description is as follows:

This century has seen the emergence of Islam as a religion closely connected to violence and terrorism. With regrettable regularity the latest religiously inspired terror attack fills the news broadcasts around the world whether they be the work of ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or other such group. However these events are also vociferously condemned by peaceful Islamic groups as being distinctly against the teachings of the Qu’ran. Islam is a religion of peace and unity for many Muslim across the world.

To investigate whether violence is a part of Islam, and to what extent, Jonathan will examine in turn; the Quran, the history of the prophet of Muhammad, and modern day interpretations given by Muslims. However, regardless of his conclusion, Jonathan will consider what role political expediency plays in accepting the narrative that fundamentalists are acting outside of the religion. It may be more desirable to accept a more moderate interpretation of Islam, even if it is less accurate.

DOORS: 19:00
START: 19:30
Admission is FREE and there will be a collection during the interval (suggested donation £3-5).

Jonathan is a philosopher and author of several books of philosophy and theology. He is a founding member of both Tippling Philosophers and the Skeptic Ink Network.

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