What is value?

What is value? August 5, 2017

I’m getting really sick of the “women prefer to do less valuable jobs” defence of the pay gap.

How about, ‘the patriarchy defined value with reference to male preference in the first place’?

Many definitions of monetary value seem to have minimal complexity. Indeed, this is why competition is “valued” over co-operation, so often. Competition is simple, cooperation is hard.

Female managers encourage engagement at higher rates than male bosses, and it turns out that both men and women are happier when they feel enaged with their work.

Increasingly the best predictor of success and longevity is altruistic actions, like volunteering and plain old giving (these are not the same as instrumental giving, i.e. donating so people see you donate, volunteering so people see you volunteer).

So here’s a trait that is, generally speaking more feminine, and generally speaking more liberal, and it is a predictor of business success…


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