Jesus’ Sacrifice Wasn’t All That

Jesus’ Sacrifice Wasn’t All That October 20, 2017

There is a ubiquitous notion that Jesus sacrificed an awful lot for our sins. Putting Atonement to the side for the minute (after all, it’s a completely nonsensical ideal), let us consider the sacrifice that Jesus made. So what happened to Jesus at the end of his life? Well, we know that, unbeknownst to him in a certain way at the time, his life was sacrificed for the good of humanity. What happened afterwards is that he appeared to go somewhere for a few days before properly ascending to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God.

Of course, this makes little sense in light of the fact that he is or was God. Jesus gets to sit on his own right hand for eternity in heaven, the greatest place in human conception.

What we have here, essentially, is the death of a human being. But since we know that he maintained as an entity during this death for some three days, we know that he didn’t die in the sense of an annihilation. As far as I can tell, the only real sacrifice that was made was the pain of crucifixion. No, I’m not denying the crucifixion is a terrible thing. Of course it is. However, there is this notion that the sacrifice of Jesus was one of the greatest sacrifices of all time and human conception itself.

I’m not so sure.

Given the certitude of his continued existence in heaven, what would be in God and all, the actual sacrifice appears to be quite minimal. We have a human being (although we might admit that it is a god incarnate) dying. Human beings have died in sacrificial ways for as long as humans have been human.

On the face of it, Jesus’ sacrifice wasn’t particularly over and above the sacrifices we have witnessed within the confines of human society for millennia. But when we go a little deeper, it’s even less impressive. God, in one of her versions, must have known that Jesus would have maintained in heaven for eternity after his death. It really does become a case of dying and then living in heaven for eternity and knowing that you were going to do so.

And being god, the pain of death can hardly be seen as something that is truly terrible. After all, god is essentially an ethereal being. Those corporeal sensations must surely be nothing but a trifle to an omnipotent god. To an omniscient god, there would be time to prepare and knowledge about this coming sacrifice so that nothing would be a surprise and the pain would be well anticipated.

Indeed, when you really like this, Jesus’ sacrifice appears to be one of the least impressive sacrifices in human conception.

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