Trump’s Intelligence Called into Question. Again.

Trump’s Intelligence Called into Question. Again. January 6, 2018

A lot has been made of the early release of the new book on Trump. it’s juicy and fascinating stuff, as you would expect. Sensationalist, and we lap it up. Various sites and sources have covered what the book has to say.

I, personally, found this BBC quote interesting, and very concerning (though it is nothing that I didn’t already know):

The most prolific theme in the book, according to Wolff’s reporting, is that even those closest to Mr Trump question his intelligence and ability to lead the country.

Everyone, in his or her own way, struggled to express the baldly obvious fact that the president did not know enough, did not know what he didn’t know, did not particularly care, and to boot, was confident if not serene in his unquestioned certitudes.

For Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus, he was an “idiot.” For Gary Cohn, he was “dumb as shit.” For H.R. McMaster he was a “dope.” The list went on. (pg 304)

That the most important job in the world has gone to someone without the requisite subject knowledge is a real worry. Yes, this may be in some sense anecdotal, but it is also something that he has consistently and explicitly shown.

It’s all so very worrying.

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