The Solar Power Problem

The Solar Power Problem February 14, 2018

Solar panel owners are selfish, hypocritical liars. They say that they put solar panels on their roofs because they generate clean, renewable energy, and that helps the environment and prevents global warming which everybody knows is a hoax. But we know they put up those solar panels just to get out of buying electricity from the power companies. Most of them still buy a little, but not as much as they should. So, the power companies are not selling enough electricity, and they will have to raise their prices. That will hurt poor people.

To protect poor people from the selfish solar panel owners, the power companies are planning to add a fee to the monthly bills of solar panel owners so that they will pay their fair share of the profits that the power companies are entitled to make. And then the power companies will not have to raise their prices and hurt poor people. It is really just simple arithmetic.  If the power companies sell less electricity, either they have to charge more for it or the solar panel owners have to make up the difference.

This may make the solar panel owners mad, but the only alternative is to hurt the poor people, and the power companies do not want to do that.  The solar panel owners don’t care about them at all. It’s a good thing the power companies care about poor people.

The power companies are really smart. The fee that they will charge the solar panel owners will go up every few years, so it will get more and more expensive to have a solar panel. That will help by discouraging people who were thinking about installing a solar panel. And pretty soon, people will just take the solar panels off their roofs and send them to the landfill. And then the solar power problem will be solved.

The power companies are really smart.  And they really care about poor people.

if you have read this far, you should be as enraged as I am.   Solar panel owners are not selfish.  They are responsible, well-meaning citizens.  What the power companies are doing, hiding behind a faux-populist argument about how solar panels hurt the poor is monstrously hypocritical and self-serving.  I hope you, dear reader, will help to expose them, and support continuing efforts to decrease our dependence on the burning of fossil fuels.  Electric power companies, like oil companies, are powerful vested interests who want to maintain the status quo and they will do whatever they can to oppose anyone who threatens their profits, including pretending to be benevolent protectors of the poor.  Let’s show them that they are NOT entitled to their profits.  If they sell less electricity, and cannot figure out how to change their business model to maintain their profits, then nobody should be required to bail them out…especially the people who are actually doing something to get us off fossil fuels.

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