Republicans (Moral Conservatives) More Likely to Cheat on Spouses than Democrats

Republicans (Moral Conservatives) More Likely to Cheat on Spouses than Democrats July 20, 2018

Republicans have traditionally been more inclined to espouse tight moral conservatism, especially within the sexual domain. Of course, with three-time married pussy-grabber and alleged marital rapist Trump as their idolised number one, anything goes. Because they can’t be seen to criticise Trump, they find it hard to deal with his own sexual misdemeanours.

For many of us, this latest news is hardly surprising. If you keep your sexualised behaviour secretive because you outwardly profess very puritanical ideals, then the closet becomes where most things happen. Everything becomes just a little more illicit.

The whole Ashley Madison scandal (the biggest marital affair dating agency being hacked and their clients’ details thrown about the internet) has brought up some very interesting data.

As The Guardian reports:

Kodi Arfer, a behavioural scientist at the University of California in Los Angeles, and Jason Jones, a sociologist at Stony Brook University in New York, linked the 2012 voter registration records for California, Florida, Kansas, New York and Oklahoma to credit card payments made by people living in those states to Ashley Madison between 2008 and 2015. The payment details were released in 2015 when a group called the Impact Team hacked millions of Ashley Madison accounts.

Of the five states looked at in the study, California had the greatest proportion of Ashley Madison users, with one in 560 voters holding an account. But in this state, political allegiance was only marginally linked to who signed up, with Libertarians making up one in 250 account holders and Democrats making up about one in 700. The rest all fell in between.

According to the study, the smallest percentage of the website’s clients lived in Oklahoma, where only one in 943 voters had made payments to the site. But the state, which has backed a Republican in every presidential election since 1968, boasted the greatest political split in users, with fewer than one in 1,500 Democrats holding an Ashley Madison account compared with one in 700 Republicans.

Across the board, Libertarians made up the greatest proportion of Ashley Madison clients. In the four states that had Libertarians, namely California, Florida, Kansas and New York, about one in 250 of the site’s clients had registered as Libertarians.

Libertarians being the most common demographic to cheat on their spouse comes as little surprise – anything goes, right?

One of the researchers theorises as to why Republicans seem more morally hypocritical:

The study does not shed light on why Republicans might be more likely to have affairs than Democrats, but Arfer has a couple of theories. The first is that, thanks to more restricted sex education and discussion, right-leaning people may be less well-informed about sex and sexuality, and so have poorer sexual self-control. The second is that people who are more interested in taboo activities declare themselves Republicans, and profess to have stricter attitudes, to deflect suspicion.

Aaah, moral hypocrisy.


Arfer, K. B., & Jones, J. J. (2018). American political-party affiliation as a predictor of usage of an adultery website. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Advance online publication. doi:10.1007/s10508-018-1244-1

If you don’t have access to this journal, you can also read the article on his personal website:…

See also Empirical Sexual Attitudes ( ), a free book he wrote on sex research.

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