Are You A Christian, but…?

Are You A Christian, but…? October 15, 2018

Here is another little piece that could be placed in newspapers or magazines to confront the theocrats. This was written a few years ago, but the web site linked at the end is up to date on Kavanaugh. Read it and weep.


But you have some doubts about the literal truth of every word in the Bible?

Like that stuff about a flat earth, and the commands to put to death all those blasphemers, adulterers, homosexuals and people who plant the wrong crops?

Are you uncomfortable with the growing political activism of churches, and their efforts to influence our government to impose their religious agenda on people of other faiths…or no faith?

Do you think that what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is nobody else’s business, and that all citizens of our nation should be able to enjoy the fundamental rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

If you agree with all or most of the above, then we would like to introduce you to Secular Humanism.  We guarantee you that we are not in league with Satan, as some would have you believe.

Our creed is simple.  We recognize the central role of morality in human life.  We believe that ethics was developed as a branch of human knowledge and custom long before religionists proclaimed their moral systems based upon divine authority.  We embrace human reason, ethics, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience, or superstition as the basis of morality.

We believe strongly that the pursuit of science is the only way to increase human knowledge, and that faith-based belief in miraculous events is not knowledge.  We believe that the earth and all its inhabitants, both plant and animal are the result of natural processes, not creation by a supernatural entity.  We admit our ignorance about the origin of the Universe, of life, and of human consciousness, but we deny that our lack of knowledge makes a case for creation by any god.

These great mysteries and many lesser ones raise questions for which we have no answers, but humans are problem-solving animals.  We love mysteries!  They stimulate our thinking.  Throughout human history, we have searched for answers, and the scope of our knowledge has increased steadily as the mysteries were solved.  To a great extent, organized religions have opposed the seeking of knowledge, particularly if it threatened religious orthodoxy.  The progress we have made has been in spite of this.

We are still at the beginning of this road.  We will probably never know everything.  But that’s a good thing.  Imagine how boring life would be if we had all the answers!

Here is a web site where you can learn more about Secular Humanism:

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