Ghosts, Poltergeists and Religious Belief

Ghosts, Poltergeists and Religious Belief October 22, 2018

I have a friend named Bob who is a devout religious believer. He is also an alcoholic, a conspiracy theory believer and a believer in spirits…ghosts, poltergeists, etc. A nutcase? Possibly, but he is intelligent and articulate, reads a lot (mostly trash novels) and loves to research stuff on the Web, particularly about conspiracies. He is an interesting and entertaining guy.

He recently told me of some of his spiritual experiences, and I am quite certain he has described them honestly without much, if any, embellishment. The following accounts were related to me in great detail.


After a few drinks one day, he decided to lie down for a nap. Suddenly, he felt himself rise to the ceiling, and he looked down on his sleeping body. He drifted around the room, and came to a front window, where he looked out and saw his next door neighbor and wife arrive in their car. They got out of the car, and the woman tripped her husband. When he got up, he went after her. They were obviously having some kind of altercation that had prompted her action. Then, for reasons that weren’t made clear, they came to his door and pounded on it. He went back into his body, and rose to let them in. They said they were worried about him, thought he might be ill. He said no, he was having an out-of-body experience. They laughed and derided him, so he told them what his spirit had observed from the front window, and they were amazed.


Bob is a drywall worker, and he has done some work at our house. He is very good at what he does…says he has been doing it for 45 years. He is 73 years old. Here is a very strange story that he says happened in 1983. He was working on a project in the local mountains for a drywall contractor. It was a longtime project, so he was looking for a place to rent. He had met three young women at a local bar (of course) and they had become friends. They told him about a house that was available for rent, and gave him a phone number to contact. He ended up renting the place, but strange things started to happen. When he first went there to move in, a woman was there. He was shocked, and told her he had rented the place. She wasn’t happy, but she collected her belongings and left. A few days later he went to the refrigerator to get a glass of milk…he likes cold milk…and it was warm.  He decided to have a beer instead, but when he touched it, it was covered with frost, and so cold his fingers stuck to the cans. The milk and the beer were close to each other in the refrigerator, and everything else was at normal refrigerated temperature. He said he often sensed a “presence” in the house. One night he had a party, and invited a number of guests, including the three women from the bar. The room they were sitting in had a Franklin wood-burning stove in the corner, but this was during the summer, so it was not in use. Sitting on top of it was a brass sculpture of bird about a foot tall. As they were sitting there talking, suddenly the sculpture took off and flew violently against the wall, where it punctured the wall and stuck there. The people all stared aghast, and then fled, saying they would never return to the house.

One day, in the summer, he came home and the house was freezing cold inside. Everything had frost on it. The house was not air-conditioned.

Bob was convinced by this time that the house was haunted. So he called Ghostbusters and asked them to come and have a look. They brought a bunch of electronic gear and spent two days making measurements. They told him it would take them two weeks to analyze the data. When they finished, they came out to the house and gave him their report. There was a spirit living there, a former resident, who had died while doing some carpentry job in the house that required an electric saw. Somehow, he was electrocuted by the saw. The woman whom Bob had seen when he moved in was the dead man’s wife. The report concluded that when the man’s spirit had headed for Heaven or Hell, it apparently did not like the destination, and remained on earth. It wanted to return to his wife and family in that house, and was trying to drive Bob out.

I think Bob is sincere about these stories, and believes that they really happened. His belief in spirits is consistent with his religious belief, and it is possible that alcohol and/or drug-induced fantasies are involved here. I am reluctant to confront him, and get him to name witnesses that I could contact. He probably can’t help me with that, anyway. These things happened thirty-five years ago.

These events clearly qualify as miracles, if true…events that cannot be explained by any natural cause-effect relationship. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, but if I did, I would re-think my skepticism. When someone tells you stuff like this, I think it is necessary to treat it as hearsay. A personal experience would change that, but for me, ONLY a personal experience, regardless of the credibility of the witness.

What do you think?


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