What Shall I Read During My Treatment?

What Shall I Read During My Treatment? January 25, 2019

I am booked into a clinic in Moscow for my HSCT (stem cell transplant) treatment on March 12th. I will be an inpatient there, including in isolation, for 30 days. Indeed, I am still feverishly fundraising for the cost of the treatment. Thank you sooooooo very much for the many of you who have contributed. It’s a hefty cost, and I’m presently about halfway there with my GoFundMe page and an appeal bank account.

During my time there, I will try to blog and read as I will be cooped up, though it depends how fatigued I will be and how well my mind will work. The question I would like to ask is what one book do you recommend?

I will probably try to get it as an audiobook. Here are the criteria: it need not be too difficult to read or heavy – I might not have the brainpower or concentration. It can be fiction or nonfiction. And that’s about it.

Two ideas I have are Homo Deus by Yuval Harari, and Behave by Robert Sapolsky. It would be good to read a book that teaches me something new, if nonfiction.

Hit me with it.



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