Psychiatrist: Trump’s Pre-Dementia & Cognitive Decline Getting Worse

Psychiatrist: Trump’s Pre-Dementia & Cognitive Decline Getting Worse March 15, 2019

This is something about which we have laughed and joked to some time. However, this really may be a far more serious threat or issue than we have given it credit for. Donald Trump is the single most powerful man in the world, arguably. With great power comes great responsibility and so on. Given his important position, it is vital that his mind is not only better than anyone else’s, but working as well as it can do. The problem is that this is clearly not the case. Any press conference or speech that you will have watched or heard will in no time at all give you a really good understanding that this man has a very troubled cognitive circumstance.

Here, a psychiatrist breaks down the evidence for his declining cognitive faculties. It’s pretty scary stuff, really. This is a must watch – I think the interviewer asks some good questions.


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