ATP Interviews Jack Matirko on Satanism, Activism, Books & Politics

ATP Interviews Jack Matirko on Satanism, Activism, Books & Politics April 8, 2019

I know that a good many of you prefer reading articles rather than watching videos views and whatnot. However, given my position in isolation and the clinic here in Russia and difficulty that I have in typing, videos have been easy things for me to do. What’s more, they’ve been very enjoyable.

Here, I have another interview with Jack Matirko, who has himself interviewed me twice for his Naked Diner, is a Satanist who has a great many interests that come through in this interview. I really enjoyed giving this interview and I hope that you enjoy listening to it too. We, politics, activism, books, Trump and all sorts of other things as well.

Modern (atheistic) Satanism is a much-maligned worldview and the idea is often confused with the occult and a real belief in the Devil or Satan, which is not the case. Interviews like this are really useful for putting the record straight.

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