I’m back. With Bells On.

I’m back. With Bells On. April 13, 2019

Or something. My treatment in Moscow is now over and I’m safely back at home in the comfort of my own house and with the love of my family. My partner Helen is looking after me better than I could possibly hope for.

To be honest, I am in relatively good health. Part of this will be due to the fact that my multiple sclerosis was in its early stages before I went out to Russia to get the treatment and my disability score was relatively low. It is impossible to know yet whether the treatment was entirely successful. According to the doctor, I am MS free. What that means is that the chemotherapy killed off my leukocytes and my immune system and I’ve had it rebooted with my stem cells. However, there is no telling whether there are the odd immune cells that are still hanging around ready to clone themselves and send me back to where I was. It’s a bit of a waiting game. There could also be other side effects such as the development of subsequent autoimmune diseases. However, statistically, HSCT is by far and away the best option available to anyone with multiple sclerosis for both halting the progression of the condition and regressing it so that you get a little bit better (and sometimes a lot better!).

That said, I’m in thoroughly good spirits. I am rather weak, though this is far more likely to be as a result of the decommissioning of my body due to having not really done anything for 30 days apart from wander around a small room talking to myself and making videos…

As I’ve shown you before, here is the playlist of all my video diaries that I recorded out there and some that I’ve since recorded upon returning back to Britain. If you’re interested, I wouldn’t start from the beginning but dip in and out and different sections to see the sort of experiences I went through.

I would just that like to say thank you to all the people who both financially and morally supported me during my treatment out there and my obvious hopes are that it worked. Indeed, there is no other treatment pathway on offer that can do as much as HSCT can do for multiple sclerosis (and indeed any other autoimmune disease).

I’m back and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Having said that, if anyone wants to help me write some guest posts just to ease the burden, then please, please let me know. I am open to any help!

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