Joseph of Arimathea – fact or fiction? Er, fiction.

Joseph of Arimathea – fact or fiction? Er, fiction. April 21, 2019

Joseph of Arimathea used to be used by William Lane Craig as a pillar of his truth claims for the Resurrection, itself one of the four cornerstones of his apology. Richard Carrier, amongst others, has provided some very interesting viewpoints on the historicity of this figure (or lack thereof). Craig no longer seems to reference J of A, quite possibly the result of the weakness of any positive evidence and the strength of negative evidence for his historicity.

Here are the first ever YouTube videos that I recorded. See what you think. I am reposting this because the video links were broken on the previous one, and Patheos have made it that we cannot edit pieces more than 6 months old, which sucks.


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