Chomsky on How Trump Was Elected

Chomsky on How Trump Was Elected April 26, 2019

Noam Chomsky does a really good job of explaining how Trump got elected back in 2016. There is no rocket science to this and much of this I have talked about previously. However, I like the way that, as the commentator states, Chomsky did this so concisely.

What we have is a very simple scenario of the Republicans needing to appeal to both the corporate sector (including the rich and very rich) as well as the working class. Now, this might seem such a disparate electorate that it would be too hard to embrace both. But as I’ve said many times, as long as you bring the working class along with you on single issues, then you’ve got in the bag. Appeal to pro-lifers, Second Amendment advocates and evangelicals and you will have a voting bloc who you can easily lie to about taxes and who will believe those lies because you’re saying all the right things about their single issues.

And this is what Trump does so well. He lies. He lies a lot. That they believe him. They believe him a lot. He lies tremendously about who would benefit from the massive tax cuts that he brought in. And even though it overwhelmingly benefited the top 1% – 83 percent of the benefits to the top 1 percent, as has been claimed (though it’s a bit more complicated than that), the working and middle class in that voting bloc lapped it up.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have had their eye off the ball for a long time. And although something might actually come from the Mueller enquiry, in the lead up to it, as commentator stated, the Democrats have put all their eggs into that Mueller basket.

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